Save Brady’s Life

Sick Liger Getting The Help He Needs Thanks To Your Support

August 27, 2019

Brady Liger is undergoing treatment for a suspected serious fungal infection that is fatal if left unmedicated. The illness comes from inhaling microscopic fungal spores that thrive in a moist environment. When the spores are inhaled, they transform into yeast through an interaction with body temperature; that yeast can then spread throughout the bloodstream. Not everyone who encounters the spores will get sick, which is likely why Karma, Brady’s habitat mate, is showing no symptoms.

Last week, our animal care team noticed Brady displaying some odd neurological symptoms. He appeared to be having trouble seeing. He was quickly sedated for an exam that included comprehensive blood work. Brady weighed in at 554lbs, which means he needs a very large dose of the medication to treat the illness. Though findings can’t be confirmed until next week, his symptoms combined with initial examination results have lead our team to strongly believe he has the fungal infection.

Because of the importance of quick treatment, our team made the decision to begin medicating Brady while awaiting further bloodwork results. The cost of the treatment, which he will undergo for six months, is approximately $2,600. We are asking everyone to #BeThereForBrady and save his life by helping us fund this life-saving cure. Our amazing supporters rallied behind Turpentine Creek and donated over $2,600 in just over 24 hours! But we are asking our supporters to continue to help Brady by continuing your support and spreading the word about Brady’s fight. Donations can be made in the following ways:

  • Via Paypal
  • Via our website (please note that the donation is for “Brady”)
  • By mailing a check or bringing an in-person donation to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, 239 Turpentine Creek Lane, Eureka Springs, AR, 72632
  • By creating a Facebook fundraiser
  • By using the “donate” sticker on Instagram stories

If you cannot donate, we ask that you help #GetBradyBetter by sharing our social media posts and other information with your family and friends.

Brady is only 10 years old and has been in excellent health until now. He and Karma were 18-months-old when they were rescued from a facility in Missouri. The pair are very close. Karma has demonstrated her concern for Brady during his sedations and seems ready to have her co-enrichment-killer back in action. For us, the thought of losing a beloved feline (especially one so young) is completely heartbreaking, but for Karma, it would be life-altering.

Right now, we are choosing to focus on what we know. We know Brady is ill, and we know he needs treatment. We also know that because of you, he can beat this. In just over 24 hours you have donated over $2,600 to help us care for Brady! Join us and continue to #BeThereForBrady.

UPDATE: Sadly, despite treatment, Brady’s health continued to decline and on August 31, we had to make a quality of life decision. Brady passed away peacefully surrounded by team members who cared deeply for him.


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