Habitat Update

Big Changes Happening on the Lodging Habitat

August 26, 2016

untitled-6898We are always progressing at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Construction is a constant way of life at the refuge. We build bigger and better habitats for our animals, improve old habitats, rebuild habitats, build benches, we build and build and build.

Our most recent project involved a major upgrade to our habitats, raising the fence height and fixing old habitats. This project is nearly completed after over a year of hard work.

The rebuild included the habitats that were located next to our lodging options. This was a very BIG part of the project. We began the update/upgrade/rebuild of the lodging habitat in June, with hopes it would be a quick update and move on. But the project has seen some delays. Inclement weather, new rescues, other habitat needs, and the vet hospital grand opening has caused some significant delays this rebuild.

We are so VERY close to finishing this habitat… days away from completing welding and then we have to finish painting it and getting the interior ready for the new inhabitant(s). Soon we will be moving animal(s) back into the lodging habitats.

Past lodging guests will notice a BIG difference in this lodging habitat, what used to be three habitats (Miss Emmy, Thor, Donna and Pebbles) will now be one BIG habitat. We made the choice to combine habitats because we want our animals to have a lot of space to run and play. So, with some hard work and creativity, the three old habitats have become one big, beautiful, grassy habitat.

untitled-6908We have knocked down two of the three dens, that used to be located in the area, to accomplish this habitat combination, and we also created a walking path between to two largest habitats.

We are still deciding on what animal(s) will call this habitat home once construction is complete. When it comes time to move an animal(s) into the habitat Emily McCormack, our animal curator, will evaluate each animal’s needs and choose the animal(s) that needs the habitat most. Many of our animals are sharing habitats, alternating days of habitat use. Moving an animal from one of those ‘double’ habitats will give two (or two sets of) animals the chance to enjoy a habitat daily.

We are sorry for the inconvenience to our lodging guests, but this update was required for the safety of our animals. No matter what room you are staying in, you can still hear the animals at night and view the animals throughout the day. Our animals safety and happiness is our biggest priority.

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