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Feline Fall Fun

As Temps Cool Big Cats Grow More Active

September 10, 2019

Summers at TCWR are always busy with our daily visitors, day camps, private group tours, and many other events. Visitors enjoy observing the animals splashing around in their pools and enjoying their cool summer treats such as meatcicles. As the Summer season comes to an end and we prepare for the cool crisp air of Fall, we will continue to offer additional educational opportunities to everyone that visits TCWR. Whether it is our daily tours, special educational activities, keeper talks, or workshops there is something for everyone at the refuge.

The Fall is a special time of year for us here at the refuge for multiple reasons, such as the kick-off of our school group season. We love helping the youth of today discover how they can help animals now and in the future. TCWR hosts school groups not only from the Northwest Arkansas area, but from districts in other regions of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We also conduct classroom visits via Skype to schools in further areas of the United States and around the world that cannot make it out to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. So when visiting the Refuge, you might see groups of bright-eyed children discovering how to become young wildlife advocates.

Fall not only brings cool crisp air for our animal residents and visitors to enjoy, it also brings the season for pumpkins. All of our animals love to play with their pumpkin enrichment, the cats love smashing them while others such as our bears enjoy eating them. While visiting TCWR this Fall, if you have any pumpkins that you would like to donate, our animals would love to have them as a new seasonal toy. The Fall season also means that our Annual Spooktacular family-friendly event is just around the corner. This is the one night a year that visitors can come out and enjoy seeing the cats at night as we take you on a hayride around our tour loop. We invite you to join us on Oct. 25th for this year’s Spooktacular and to visit our website for more details on the event and how you can get involved.

Whether you are visiting with your family or your child is on a field trip to TCWR, the Fall offers many different ways to see our cats enjoying the cooler weather and provides unique opportunities for you to get involved.  Fall is the perfect time to spend a day at the Refuge, plan your next visit today!

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