Cool Cats AT TCWR

Visiting “Off” Season

January 7, 2019

Brisk winter air might not be your ideal time to play outside, but tigers are thrilled about the dropping temperatures and winter weather. Their thick fur coats help them stay warm, making them extra active during the cooler months. It might be worth it to pull out your heavy seasonal gear and stop in for a visit; this is a fun and unique time to take a tour at Turpentine Creek!

When visiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge throughout the year, you will see all of our animal residents enjoying their habitats in different ways. Each season at TCWR brings a new view of the cats and a new experience at the Refuge.

This time of year, our animal residents can be found running around their habitat and attacking their enrichment toys, laying with their stomachs up in the sunshine on a cold day, or just sitting on top of their habitat benches observing all the many activities going. All of the animals that call the Refuge home react to the chilly weather a little differently. The bears sleep a little more and eat less during the cooler months, so they tend to hang out in their night houses and dens. The African Servals will often be seen hanging out just outside their building but close enough to the door to run in and grab some heat if it gets too icy out.

Not only is it a great time to come out and see the cats during the winter season, but we also continue to offer additional educational activities for our visitors. Our educational programming will take place during the weekends throughout Winter and includes various topics about the animal species that call TCWR home, discovering how we can all be the voice for wildlife everywhere, and much more. We still offer guided tours every hour on the hour daily plan a visit, book a stay, and make sure to wear your warmest coat, gloves, and hat!

Whether you visit Turpentine Creek in the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, every day is a new and wonderful day to see the animals that call the Refuge home.

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