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Taking Steps Towards A Better Future For Big Cats

July 29, 2020

Turpentine Creek is working hard to create a better life for big cats in captivity all around the US. Through advocacy, education, and innovative veterinary procedures we are working towards our ultimate goal, putting an end to big cat abuse in the US.

This past week, Turpentine Creek’s very own Vice President, Scott Smith, joined a panel of captive animal experts to talk about the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Hosted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Blackfish Director, the panelists discussed how the Big Cat Public Safety Act could help put an end to big cat abuse in the US. Scott was there to talk about how true sanctuaries, like Turpentine Creek, handle big rescues and how the passing of the Big Cat Public Safety Act could manage the potential influx of big cats needing homes. You can watch this presentation on the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s website at

Our new education website is live and ready to help create the next generation of animal advocates! This week, our education website blog talks about the 10th annual International Tiger Day! Learn all about these beautiful big cats and why it is so important that we work to save them in the wild and protect them in captivity. You can learn more at

Don’t forget to join us during our paid live event this Sunday August 2nd at about 10am CST to watch as our staff Veterinarian Dr. Kellyn Sweely and animal care team gives BB King his first Chemo treatment. This treatment is groundbreaking for the sanctuary community. BB King is the first documented tiger with lingual haemangiosarcoma and the first tiger to be treated with chemo at a sanctuary. We hope that not only will we be able to save BB King’s life with this treatment but learn the best way to treat cancer in big cats with chemo so that we can save more lives in the future. For only $4.99 you can join us and witness this first treatment live online. Sign up to watch live at

It is only with your help that we can continue to not only rescue big cats in need but also find ways to improve their lives. Please join our mission and donate today! A monthly recurring donation of $10 can save a life! Also, don’t forget that many employers will match donations, check to see if your employer offers matching donations on our donations page!

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