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Coffeeville Rescue

5 Big Cats From Coffeeville, Kansas

Within the past few weeks there have been several calls for rescues, one of those from a gentleman in Coffeeville, Kansas. He has five big cats that need a new home; four tigers named Ty, Crysta, Little Tony, and Crystal; and a Ti-liger named Noah (a Ti-liger is a cross between a male tiger and a female liger). He has been working with exotic cats for 18 years with dreams of starting his own exotic cat refuge. He mentioned that just days before signing his non-profit paper work a high school student got mauled to death, at a different facility by a 550lb tiger she was posing with for her senior pictures. The offer was pulled off the table and, just as he was beginning to live out his dream, he had to start all over again. However, as time passed the extraordinary cost of food and vet care has taken its toll and he had to give up his dream. After 18 years of working with cats he had to make a call to Turpentine Creek. Although it was a painful call he wanted his cats to go to a good home, and he knew that one day his five cats would get the experience of freedom in a habitat at Turpentine Creek.

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