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Small Cat Habitat Project Update

July 8, 2020

Turpentine Creek has been working to expand and improve one of our older habitats. What was once three smaller bobcat habitats up in our Discovery Area has been combined and expanded into one very large habitat for all types of smaller cats to enjoy! 

We had been planning to make these improvements for a while, but our Covid closure gave us a great opportunity to start. The process has been slowed a bit due to weather and other building challenges, but we are quickly approaching the end of this project! 

We’ve been utilizing local natural resources to improve this habitat! Maintenance found some beautiful rocks from around our property to build natural benches and shade structures; we also found some dead logs to add so that our small cats can sharpen their claws and follow their natural instincts to mark their territory. We’ve also built plenty of other vertical platforms and natural shade structures to enhance our small cat’s lives!

This habitat isn’t just a simple combination of the old three smaller bobcat habitats, which were about 400 square feet each; we’ve also removed some cement and expanded it! It is now four and a half times that size covering 1,800 square feet of grass for the small cats to enjoy every day!

This habitat will stand for years to come, giving refuge and a safe home for many small cats that Turpentine Creek will rescue in the future: bobcats, lynx, caracals, geoffroy cats, etc. you never know what rescue is around the corner or what types of cats will need a home. We do our best to make habitats versatile so that they can be a home to any cat in need. 

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