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Bear Day Is Here

Enriching The Lives Of Our New Bear Residents

July 31, 2017

Today is National Bear Day and we have 13 special residents who are celebrating in style! Our 13 bears are getting extra special treats to celebrate a day all about them. We are also hosting a special fundraiser to help give 6 of our bears brand new, large, natural homes.

Bears are different than our other residents. Unlike our big cats, who sleep 18-20 hours a day, bears are awake and active most of the day. Bears need special habitats and extra enrichment to keep them occupied. Not only do our bears get normal enrichment like boxes, pools, and boomer balls, but we also give them fruitsicles, branches, pinatas, and scatter feed some them.

In nature bears will spend their days foraging, building day nests, digging for snacks, and some even climbing trees to take a nap. We are making sure our new habitats will allow them to perform as many natural behaviors as possible along with our extra, human made, enrichment.

But we cannot do this without you! it is going to cost us $150,000 to build the 2 new habitats. These habitats are the largest we’ve ever built and will be over 1/2 acre and 1 1/2 acres large. They are full of trees, vegetation, and we will also be building pools and benches for the bears.

Today we are hosting an online auction, live video, and other online activities to help raise money for two new large habitats, and awareness about bears in captivity.

Please visit Our Bear Habitat Page to the bear habitats now. Help us give our bears the best lives possible in captivity.

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