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Amazing Support on Giving Tuesday

Making a Difference in Health and Home at TCWR

November 28, 2018

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge put out a plea to our supporters to help us raise $35,000 on Giving Tuesday so that we could purchase a long list of veterinary supplies and habitat building equipment and our dedicated donors responded in droves. Over 300 supporters donated a total of $29,947. Donations ranged from $5 – $5,000 and every penny will go towards helping us provide the best health care and habitats possible. Although we did not meet our goal, we came very close, and some donations are still coming in through the mail and Facebook fundraisers.

We are very grateful to all our supporters who not only donated but liked, shared, and commented on posts and responded to emails sent out. Sharing our information helps to spread awareness and expands our post reach. We can only do what we do with the help of our fantastic supporters.

Your donations will allow us to purchase:

Maintenance & Habitat Building Supplies

  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Adjustable Miter Saw Stand
  • Brushless Corless Impact Wrench
  • D-Handle Impact Wrench with Anvil
  • All System Service Tablet
  • 20 Gallon Wate Air Operated Drainer Drainage Lift
  • Pneumatic Drive 10 Piece Heavy Duty Truck Set
  • 28 Piece Cordless Oscillating tool Kit
  • Multiple Mechanics tool (170 pieces)

Veterinary Supplies

  • Long-blade Laryngoscope 45cm & 55cm
  • Cuffed Endotracheal tube 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, & 24mm diameters
  • Endotracheal tube regular and large storage racks
  • Lighted Stylet 45 cm
  • 15L & 6L Large breathing bags
  • Large Animal Anesthesia Machine
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Doppler US Flow Detector with an adult flat probe
  • Bair Hugger with ten warming blankets
  • 2 Medical Pole Syringes
  • X-Ray Lead Protective gear & storage racks
  • PanOptic iExaminer Digital Imagin Kit & Digital Macroview Otoscope
  • Veterinary Tonometer & 100 probes
  • Prescription Printer
  • Gel X-Ray Surgery Positioner
  • Large & Small resuscitation Bags
  • Centrifuges (fecal & urine/blood)
  • Cautery Kit
  • Dental X-Ray

Since we did not reach 100% of our goal, the veterinarian will have to determine which of the above-listed items are the top priority and purchase them with the allotted amount of funds. Although listed as our final goal, the Dental X-Ray is a much-needed item that is needed so that we can check on a handful of cats who are having some major dental issues.

We kicked off the day of giving with a live video update on Blackfire, who returned to his habitat. He happily chuffed at his sisters before they were reunited. They spent a little time exploring the nighthouse before venturing into their habitat to enjoy the brisk winter day.

Throughout the day we also ran a few giveaways to make GivingTuesday fun for everyone! We gave away a $10 Big Cat Bucks card, stuffed animal, 3 calendars, and 3 coloring books. We also premiered our newest Christmas video, Silver Tails, as a reward for reaching the halfway point of our Giving Tuesday goal.

Silver Tails is a parody of the classic Christmas carol Silver Bells. A team member wrote the lyrics and produced the video, the team and interns sang the song, and a local band Eureka Music Revival recorded the background music.

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, or commented to promote Giving Tuesday. It is only with the help of supporters, like you, that we can continue to provide lifetime homes and quality care for the animals that call Turpentine Creek home. Thank you! Please continued to keep Turpentine Creek in mind while planning for the Holiday Season. Winter is the time of year when our budget gets tight due to lack of visitors. Donate today and help us, help them. 


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