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Top 5 Best Ranked Dog Parks In the Country

Dog parks are an excellent resource for physical and mental stimulation, socialization, and a place to get their “zoomies out. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best-ranked dog parks in the country, but first, let’s be prepared:

  • Bring your leash and collar/harness  
  • Bring dog waste bags to pick up after your pup  
  • Have travel bowls and water on hand 
  • Proof of vaccinations and rabies in case they are required

Understanding dog park etiquette and canine behavior are also very important before visiting a park. Labrador Training HQ discusses etiquette for dogs and humans, dog park history, behavior, when not to visit a dog park, and so on!          

Now onto the parks!  

First is Grape Street Dog Park in San Diego, California earned 1st Place on Happy Doggo’s Top 50 Dog Parks. Grape Street sits on five fenced-in acres of land within a quiet residential area, making it a calm and secure space to let your dog run wild and explore off-leash. 

field in park


Second,  Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine, is mentioned by Go Pet Friendly. This park is a safe and scenic place to let your dog enjoy the water. Little Long Pond and the surrounding land have been maintained by the Rockefeller family since 1910 and were, in fact, donated to the Land & Garden Preserve in 2015.

lake in park


Third, Newtown Dream Dog Park, is found in Johns Creek, Georgia. Listed first on Michelson Found Animals Top 10 Best Dog Parks in America, it is a smaller, one-acre dog park. Regardless of its size, this park has plenty of things to keep your pup busy after its makeover, sponsored by Beneful. Some of the added features of this park include turf, agility hoops, a fire-hydrant-shaped sprinkler, tunnels, and a bone-shaped bridge. 

dog park


Fourth, Warren G. Magnuson Park, in Seattle, Washington. This park also comes in first on Pet Notify’s list of Best Dog Parks In the US. Leashes are typically required in Seattle; however, this park is an exception! Warren G. Magnuson park is easily one of the area’s most popular, consisting of 350 acres! Not only are their large fields and plenty of trails, but this park also has easy access to the water for your pup to cool off on a hot day.

Fifth, Hugh Rogers Wag Dog Park, found in Whitefish, Montana. This park came in second on USA Today’s list of 10Best: Amazing dog parks across the USA. Wag Dog Park is a beautiful place to enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the scenic town near Glacier National Park. There’s also lots of fun within the five acres, including water fountains, a canine obstacle course, and a ball catapult!

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