The 2020 Pledge

Join TCWR In Focusing Our Talents To Create A Better Future

January 1, 2020

2020 is officially here! Can you believe that we have pounced into a new decade already? The Roaring 20’s have come back around and Turpentine Creek is determined to use this time to end the Big Cat Trade in the United States.  We need your help to accomplish this goal! This year, we are inviting our supporters to join our 2020 Vision: Your Focus. Their Future. year-long campaign. We want you to utilize your talents, passions, voice, and focus to help us create a better future for all the big cats in the USA.

We are asking all of our supporters to join us in pledging that in 2020 we will make a difference! This is the year of action, change, and new beginnings! With your help, we will see the end of the Big Cat Trade! A small step and simple actions will quickly grow into a movement that will demand change by our government! We ask you to pledge to take ten simple actions in 2020 to spread awareness and make a change!

We ask all our supporters to visit and take the pledge in 2020! We need you to focus your talents to complete ten simple steps to help us accomplish our 2020 Vision.

In 2020 I pledge to:

  1. Share at least 1 post of Turpentine Creek’s
  2. Tell at least 1 friend about why big cats make bad pets
  3. Educate at least 1 person about what a True Sanctuary is
  4. Create at least 1 social fundraiser to help raise funds to save big cats
  5. Make at least 1 post to share why I support facilities like Turpentine Creek and what they do
  6. Volunteer at least 1 hour of my time helping to raise awareness about big cats in captivity (digitally, in person, or at a facility)
  7. Find at least 1 way to utilize my own personal talents to benefit big cats in captivity
  8. Recruit at least 1 person to help the Big Cat cause
  9. Send at least 1 email to my federal government representatives to inform them about the plight of big cats in captivity
  10. Respond to at least 1 social post telling others why I support Turpentine Creek

These ten simple steps will help spread awareness and start creating change! We are excited to see just what this year will bring! Will you take the pledge to help Turpentine Creek end the Big Cat Trade?

Take The Pledge Today!

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