Memorial Brick Program

Final-Brick Sample-52348

The Memorial Brick Program began as an effort to fundraise to continue building natural habitats at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. It is an excellent way in which to honor or commemorate loved ones in your life or even special events that have occurred. Each engraved brick is installed and displayed in Bam Bam’s viewing walkway. There are two kinds of bricks and one replica tile available:

  • 4×8 Concrete Red Brick (3 lines of text; 20 characters each), $100.00
  • 8×8 Concrete Red Brick (6 lines of text; 20 characters each), $250.00
  • 4×4 Replica Tile Donor Souvenir, $25.00

Now Available: Online Ordering! Click HERE to order yours now!

ClipArt can be added for an additional $25.00. Please keep in mind that when purchasing a ClipArt image, the text is limited to 3 lines and 15 characters on a 4×8 brick and 5 lines and 20 characters on an 8×8 brick.

Bricks are ordered every 6 weeks and can take 6-12 weeks to arrive after ordering –with installation taking place as soon as the weather permits.

Bam Bam Order Form: click here to download and print the form and pay with a check by mail.

Disclaimer: Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (Turpentine Creek Foundation Inc.) reserves the right to move donated money as needed to provide for the animals in our care and to keep the nonprofit running. Any donations received over and above the budget for the designated fund will be put into the general fund.

All messages inscribed on Bam Bam Bricks are subject to the approval of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge