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New Year Letter

A Letter from our President, Tanya Smith

January 1, 2016
Dear Friends,
As the year comes to a closeDimesDonationHeather and we reflect on the many memories we’ve made and experiences we’ve shared, we would be remiss if we did not also dream of how we can improve ourselves and the world around us in 2016. For most of you, the New Year’s resolution will be focused on efforts of self-improvement, but have you thought of how you might improve the world around you? Giving to our cause and supporting our mission is a great place to start!
It is well known that giving activates areas in the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. Many studies also suggest that giving promotes good health, social connectivity and trust within a family or community. So, while you reflect on 2015, take advantage of tax incentives – and the good vibes of giving – and donate to our organization before December 31. And while you’re forming the perfect 2016 New Year’s resolution, why not include giving as well?
There are a lot of different ways you can support our organization throughout the New Year. Visiting our facility, offering in-kind and monetary donations, volunteering your time, and spreading awareness of our mission are just a few. And sometimes supporting a cause takes less effort than we even realize!
For example, I recently became aware of a fun and easy idea for saving $700 per year. I know this tip as ‘Disney on a Dime’, but the idea suggests that you gradually fill an empty 2-liter bottle with dimes and over time – when the bottle is full – you will have amassed approximately $700. How simple is that?! Creative ideas like this can be applied to giving as well, and are easy ways for you, your family, your organization or your community to help support non-profits like Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.
Like many of you, we will focus on self-improvement this year. But also like many of you, we will need help in order to meet our goals. With your support, we have saved many lives throughout the years and we intend to save many more well into the future.
So, can we count on you to help us, help them?

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