Giving Tuesday 2019

Are You With Us?

October 29, 2019

Today, the typical life of a tiger in the U.S. looks like…

  • A cramped cage.
  • A filthy floor.
  • Green water.
  • Uncertainty of when their next meal will be.
  • Breeding and breeding and breeding then birthing babies only to have them immediately taken away.
  • A painful, treatable infection- but no treatment is given so death is slow and suffering.
  • Shivering as the trainer with a whip commands jumping through a ring of fire…do you jump or be whipped? Which is worse?
  • Being viewed as a disposable, replaceable money-making tool instead of being respected as a wild animal, a sentient being.

Tomorrow could look different, but only if you are willing to help.

In 2020, we will be focusing on the things each one of us can do to change the future for big cats. If each one of you took an action, no matter how small, we could make a radical difference for what the next year- even the next 10 years – looks like for both our animal residents and those who still need to be rescued. We want 2020 to be the catalyst for major change. Decades from now, we want to look back and remember it as the year that got us where we are.

Our 2020 vision is a bold one, and we are using Giving Tuesday 2019 as our kickoff by setting an equally bold fundraising goal. It’s our most ambitious Giving Tuesday yet, but we know you will make it a success! Please join us Tuesday, December 3, to #GiveFocus and #GiveFuture as you give your support to our $40,000 Giving Tuesday goal that will launch us into our 2020 Campaign- 2020 Vision: Your Focus. Their Future.

You are always so quick to praise us and the work that we do. We are grateful, but you are the real heroes. Without you, where would we be? Likely, still in the tiny space some of you may remember from decades ago, with animals in a better place than they were before their rescue but still not in the best environment they could be in. Without you, “ethical tourism,” and “ethical entertainment” would be phrases unheard of and the conversation surrounding how we treat wildlife in the U.S. would be nonexistent. You are a part of our team and dare we say, the most crucial part.

Participating in Giving Tuesday means taking a tangible action to craft the future big cats deserve. Your support will lay a solid foundation for going into the New Year secure in our ability to care for our animal residents and brazen enough to ask “What more can we do?” We are ready to take our standards of care, our education, our advocacy to the next level! We are ready to think bigger and act bigger! Change CAN happen within our lifetime for big cats- are you with us?

Click hear to learn more about Giving Tuesday, December 3, and all the ways (including non-monetary) you can get involved. Stay tuned for information on the give-aways, special videos, and other celebrations we will be having that day!

As the first small action you take, please click here and mark “going” on our Giving Tuesday event on Facebook. This will help you stay up-to-date and spread the word to others about our campaign.

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