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Finishing Off 2020 Strong

Ending The Year On The Right Paw

December 31, 2020

The longest year of many of our lives, 2020, is finally coming to an end. This year has been filled with the ‘highest highs’ and the ‘lowest lows’. We have saved the lives of 12 animals, but have also had to say goodbye to many of our long-term residents and let them pass on to the next life. We have had to make adjustments for COVID, but have seen our supporters rally behind our cause in so many ways. This year, we count our blessings, one of which is YOU!

We’ve changed, adapted, and came out stronger than ever before! We made amazing progress on the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which made it through the US House of Representatives with a 2/3 ‘yes’ vote! We’ve seen long time animal abusers put in jail, cub-petting facilities shut down, and so much more this year! Awareness of the plight of exploited big cats has become a national sensation and a ‘hot button’ topic for many people.

So much has changed in 2020, many of those changes are positive. We cannot wait to see what 2021 will hold for our big cats and Turpentine Creek! We are hopeful that next year will be filled with hope and more progress towards protecting big cats, putting an end to private ownership of big cats, and hands-on interaction with big cats.

One small blessing that we count is that this year, within the COVID relief bill, was a special stipulation to help encourage charitable giving! If you typically take standard deductions (over itemized) you can now claim up to $300 per person in charitable giving on top of the standard deductions! By supporting your favorite nonprofit in 2020 you will be given a little extra when it comes time to file taxes! If you do itemize your deductions, the bill allows you to deduct contributions of up to 100% of your 2020 Adjusted Gross Income! And corporate donations limits have been increased from 10% to 25%! We hope these small incentives can help you while you help us get through our slowest season of the year!

We also have a $1 for $1 matching donation available for end of year giving for up to $50,000! From now until January 1st, all donations made up to $50,000 will be matched! Make your donation go even further by donating now! 

If you are wanting to make a 2020 qualified tax donation you must either do an online donation by midnight tonight (12/31/2020) or have a check put in the mail before the day is over!

Your donation of even $10 will help us continue to care for the 88 big cats, bears, and other animals that call Turpentine Creek home. Winter is our slowest season, after an already slow year. We appreciate your support and hope that together we can end 2020 strong!

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