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Final Food Bowls Arrive

SPECIAL DELIVERY! Final Food Bowls are at TCWR!

April 10, 2016

Andy Cody from Hughes Springs TX. Delivered the food bowls when he came for the Arkansas 500.

We have received the last shipment of all the food bowls that we had ordered! These food bowls are custom made to make feeding our big animals as safe as possible. We are very safety conscious here at Turpentine Creek. We want to make sure that our animals get fed in the safest way possible, and make sure that the interns who feed them are protected from hungry animals.

The food bowls are heavy duty and allow us to safely slide a tray of meat into a specially designed metal holder that will keep the animals from reaching through and ‘grabbing’ at the food and the intern feeding them.

We have been testing the food bowls for months and have found them to be a success. This last shipment of food bowls will allow us to install a food bowl in every big cat habitat. Making Turpentine Creek safer for interns, staff, and animals alike.

We want to thank Thanks to Johnny Wallace and Beatrice Putman Ross for helping with this project. Thanks to their help feeding our animals will be much easier, cleaner, and safer for everyone. Thank to everyone for all your continued support. Check out the video below to see how the food bowls work and two of our cats, Duke and Rayn, demonstrating how effective they are.

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