Educational Programs and Activities

Education For All Ages

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has recently taken a step towards improving our supporters’ experience when visiting. Our new Education Program will allow our visitors a more immersive experience at the Refuge.

One of our goals at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is to help spread awareness about the exotic pet trade and the struggles animals experience in captivity and in the wild. It is through education that we can help protect exotic animals from facing abuse and neglect. While visiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, you can take a guided tour to hear our animal rescue stories, explore the self-discovery area, and participate in incredible educational programs. We offer a variety of programs about the animals that call the Refuge home and where they are found in the wild, species conservation, biodiversity, animal adaptations, and so much more. Whether you are a first time or returning visitor, school group, scout troop, or any special groups; we have something for everyone of all ages to see, do, and learn!

Look for these future opportunities while visiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge:

  • Weekly programs
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Workshops
  • Weekly animal myth busters
  • Special Wildlife Day programming
  • Volunteer Enrichment Days

Check out the calendar to see upcoming events and plan your next trip to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Programs and Events Details


Why Do Tigers Have Stripes

10:15 am- 10:35 am *20 minutes* Meeting Place: Tiger Habitat Behind Giftshop- Have you ever wondered why tigers have stripes? Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we discover the wonderful world of camouflage and test your skills at finding master hiders.



<span>12:05pm - 12:35pm - 30 minutes - Meet in the Discovery Area - Lions rely on their family groups to survive and each lion has a specific role to play. Join our Wildlife Interpreter to discuss the only social cats in the animal kingdom. </span>


Tiger Trade

2:30-3:00pm- 30 minutes- Meeting Place: Discovery Area:&nbsp;<span>There are only 3,800 tigers left in the wild but unfortunately there are more in captivity only in the United States. Join our Wildlife Interpreter to discuss the worldwide trade in tiger parts and how this affects wild tiger populations. </span>


If You Give a Tiger a Toy

11:05am - 12:05am - 60 minutes - Meeting by Tanya and Kizmin's Habitat Behind the Gift Shop - <span>In the wild tigers can find many things to keep them physically and mentally active. However, in captivity if not given proper enrichment can lead to lack of important activity. Meet our Wildlife Interpreter next to the Tiger habitats behind the gift shop as we explore some of the enrichment toys given to our cats and get a chance to test your “tiger” strength. </span>


Our Wild Neighbor, the Bobcat

1:15-1:45pm- 30 minutes- Meeting Place: Bobcat Habitats-&nbsp;<span>Bobcats can be seen in the woods throughout Arkansas, but sadly can be found in backyards as pets. Meet our Wildlife Interpreter next to the Bobcat habitats as we discover more about this Arkansas native and how you can help keep them in them in the wild.</span>


Small but Mightly Serval

10:45 am- 11:00 am *15 minutes* Meeting Place: Serval Habitat down Bear Tunnel- The African Serval might be small in size, but they are a powerful hunter. Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we explore fun facts about Servals and their survival in the African grasslands


Predators Not Pets

1:15-1:45pm- 30 minutes- Meeting Place: Discovery Area:&nbsp;<p><span>What do Lions, Tigers, and Leopards all have in common? They are all big cats that deserve to remain in the wild, but sadly due to the exotic pet trade, they become pets. There are more Tigers in backyards in the United States than left in the wild today. Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we discover more about the exotic pet trade and how you can help protect the future of big cats.</span></p>


Cougars in Arkansas

11:30am - 12:00pm - 30 minutes - Meet down the Bear Tunnel by Marissa and Louisa's Habitat - <span>What’s the difference between a mountain lion, puma, cougar, and panther? Find out the answer with wildlife Interpreter and learn about the fascinating lives of one of the most elusive and well distributed wild cats in the world. </span>


Omnivore vs. Carnivore

1:15-1:45pm- 30 minutes- Meeting Place: Discovery Area:&nbsp;<span>The biggest question we get at TCWR is what do our animals eat?? Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we discuss the unique diets that all of the animals at the Refuge eat, and how we accommodate the variety of eating styles for our animals. We will explore the different eating styles of big cats versus bears. </span>


Endangered Species

11:30-12:00 pm- 30 minutes- Location: Discovery Area:&nbsp;<span>Have you ever thought about just how many species are threatened to become extinct in our lifetime? Why is the rate of extinction a problem? Join us to learn about how many animals are endangered, and what we can do to help them. </span>


What's in the Woods?

11:15-11:45am-30 minutes- Meeting Place: Discovery Area:&nbsp;<span>Have you ever hiked in the woods in hopes to see an animal? Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we discover the wildlife that can be found throughout Arkansas and how to be a responsible hiker among the wildlife in their home.</span>


A Walk on the Wild Side

3:05pm - 3:55pm - 50 minutes - Meet Behind the Gift Shop -&nbsp; <span>Join our Wildlife Interpreter as we take a walk through the self-discovery area to hear some of the animal stories and how you can help be the voice for wildlife.</span>