Big Cats Do Not Make Pets

Big Cats Do Not Make Good Pets

Turpentine Creek staff members have traveled to 17 different states rescuing big cats; lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, servals, bobcats, and lynx. Most of these precious animals would have been euthanized if not for Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Frequently, young cubs of big cats are sold to people as pets; sold at auctions across the world; and sold by backyard breeders to unsuspecting buyers. A few short months pass and the new “pet owner” begins to realize they have made a mistake. They turn to newspapers, exotic trade magazines, zoos, and roadside parks to find the young cat a new home. These options don’t materialize because of the age of the exotic cat and its inability to conform to the laws of the human race.

It is in the adolescent stage of development that the cub becomes strong and aggressive. The “pet owners” usually realize that they are in trouble when someone gets hurt or threatened. They become desperate as local citizens become discontent. Authorities often get involved and, before long, the innocent animal desperately needs a new home.

For 15 years, Turpentine Creek staff members have traveled the United States saving big cats. Every animal rescue is an animal saved. Their stories chisel the following statement deep into the heart’s of the people who read them. Big Cats Do Not Make Pets.

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