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Witness Protection Campaign

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge Launches the Witness Protection Program

TCWR's Witness Protection Program

“The Witness Protection Campaign was created for our team to be ready to rescue animals whose owners are in the middle of litigation for one reason or another. When we agree to take an animal in, we have to do so knowing that if the owner wins in court, the animal might need to be returned to the owner. In these situations, we must remain quiet until that person is indicted for their crimes, not to jeopardize the case. Once the person is prosecuted, we gain full custody of the animal without fear that the animal will return to the individual. We do not receive government funding when we participate in helping law enforcement. That is why we depend on our supporters to help fund these very important rescues. Sometimes it takes years to go through the court system. If we didn’t take the animals when called, many wouldn’t survive while they waited.”

Tanya Smith
President of TCWR

Caring for Undercover Animals

This program is devoted to providing dedicated care for the witness protection animals at the Refuge. Due to their involvement in undercover and/or pending cases, the rescue stories and specifics of these animals cannot be disclosed at this time. Despite the inability to publicize their stories for fundraising, your generous support plays a vital role in ensuring these animals receive the care they need and find safety at the Refuge.