Tiger Queens

Who are the Tiger Queens?

The Tiger Queens are the female leaders of accredited big cat sanctuaries who are fighting against animal abusers, as seen on the Netflix series “Tiger King“.

While we huddled into lockdown during the pandemic, the world was struck by the “Tiger King” series as it quickly became the number one show on Netflix for over 2 weeks straight.  Although the show briefly exposed the Big Cat Crisis here in the United States, it was a missed opportunity to shed light on the big picture, which is animal abuse and exploitation.

In response, female leadership from accredited Big Cat Sanctuaries stepped in and stepped up to be the voices of big cats, biting back with a short film titled “Tiger Queens”.

Tiger Queens featured on “This is Life with Lisa Ling” 

The original film was produced by the IFAW and features stories from members of the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance, highlighting the abuse of big cats and the female leaders (Tiger Queens) working to end that abuse.   It soon caught the attention of CNN and Lisa Ling, who stepped in to share the stories of the animals and the people – seizing the opportunity missed in the Tiger King series.

How to Watch:

This Life with Lisa Ling video Trailer featuring Tiger Queens

“This Life with Lisa Ling” Trailer featuring Tiger Queens

Video of The Tiger Queens exposing the ugly truth of America's big cat crisis

The Tiger Queens expose the ugly truth of America’s big cat crisis

Big Cat Quick Fasts

  • There are more big cats in captivity in the US than in the wild and only a few hundred of those are in an accredited zoo
  • Cubs are viewed as revenue-generating products – not living creatures. It becomes a cycle of abuse once they grow too big to interact with the public, they must be replaced with younger, smaller cubs.
  • There is NO conservation value to petting a tiger
  • There is NO conservation value to exotic variants such as white tigers, ligers, tigons, golden tabby tigers, etc.
  • All true big cats sanctuaries are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries or the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance
  • All true zoos are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • There are NO federal laws preventing the private ownership of tigers

Life With Lisa Ling’s Featured Cat – Luna

Luna and her friend Remington were rescued in a joint effort between Turpentine Creek and PETA after a three-year legal battle with a “swim with tigers” attraction in Dade City, FL, for violating the Endangered Species Act.  The enclosures were too small, and cubs were prematurely separated from their mothers for pay-to-play interactions.

Video of Tigers from Dade City's Wild Things now at Accredited Sanctuary

Tigers from Dade City’s Wild Things now at Accredited Sanctuary

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