Life Long Care

vet inspecting cat

Directly Contributing to Life Long Care

We have partnered with big corporations to help fund our daily activities and to provide life long care for the animals at the Refuge. Whenever you are in a giving mood, you can check our wishlists to donate supplies that will be directly used to provide all of our animals with the best possible care.

hospital openingJackson Memorial Hospital

In 2016, TCWR host the grand opening of the Jackson Memorial Veterinary Hospital. This accomplishment was a historical milestone to the Refuge and to the mission of rescuing big cats and providing them lifelong sanctuary.

Prior to our onsite veterinary clinic, we had to load up animals and travel 40 minutes to the “local veterinarian”, outside rare emergency onsite visits. Now, we are able to provide every animal with state-of-the-art veterinary care with the latest in veterinary medical technology. The hospital allows us to safely and effectively monitor the health of the animals in our care, performing
routine medical and dental exams, surgeries, and more.

Our staff Veterinarian, Dr. Kellyn, started at the Refuge as an intern and was promoted to Animal Care Staff for several years before leaving to achieve her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia. With her history at the Refuge, working with the cats, and her expertise in Veterinary Medicine, we are grateful to have her back on our team.