Giving Tuesday

A Ferocious Fun Day Of Fundraising

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is striving to see the end of the big cat and bear trade, within our lifetime. Allowing these magnificent animals to enjoy life without fear, abuse, abandonment, or neglect; letting them be the wild animals they were truly meant to be. Through education, advocacy, and quality care for our current rescues, we are making strides in changing the mindset of a nation. We rescue animals from dire situations, offering them a forever home with us, and providing the best care possible in captivity. We have created a place that these animals can finally get the care and piece of freedom that they deserve. With your help, we will be able to expand our public educational outreach, education programming, and continue to rescue animals in need.

ATTENTION: Facebook is again offering at $1 for $1 match (up to $7,000,000) on Giving Tuesday. The match starts at 8 am EST (7 am CST, 6 am MST, 5 am PST, 4 am Alaska, 3 am Hawaii). Last year, this match was quickly been achieved within seconds of the ‘start’ time. We encourage anyone who wants to attempt to get their donation matched through Facebook to be ready at exactly 8 am EST to submit their donation (not a moment before or after). Facebook will be matching dollar for dollar up to $20,000 per individual and $100,000 per nonprofit until they reach the $7,000,000 mark. Facebook also is the only platform that offers 0 fees for donations. Please plan ahead if you want to attempt to participate in the Facebook $7,000,000 match, we would greatly appreciate your dedication and support. We will be accepting donations all day on Giving Tuesday so if you miss the match that is perfectly ok.

We invite you to join us on December 3, 2019, ALL DAY for Giving Tuesday! This #GivingTuesday we are challenging our supporters to help us raise $40,000 in a single day to help continue our mission, expand our education, broaden our advocacy, and care for the animals.

UPDATE: The first portion of our $40,000 Giving Tuesday goal will be allocated to help us restock our veterinary supplies. On November 18th Ringo, a sixteen-year-old tiger, had to have emergency surgery to remove a life-threating blockage in his stomach. The surgery took six hours and all of our on-hand supplies (sutures, pain meds, fluids, sterile gauze pads, etc.) and even some we had to get from two local veterinarians! We also discovered that there were a few pieces of surgical equipment that would have been VERY useful for this type of surgery that we would like to have on hand, just in case. Please join us on Giving Tuesday to replenish our vet hospital supplies.

UPDATE: Ringo sadly, has passed away. We mourn this loss of such a wonderful animal, but celebrate the life he lived with us. We are glad we could offer this wonderful tiger a forever home with us.

On Giving Tuesday we are kicking off our 2020 year-long campaign – 2020 Vision: Your Focus. Their Future. What does that mean?

Your Focus: Focusing your skills, time, energy, and passion into helping TCWR protect big cats. Their Future: Saving their future through advocacy, education, and putting an end to the big cat trade.

How can you help? 

  • Donate: $5, $10, $100, every little bit helps.
  • Share: Share social media, blog posts, this page, emails, in general just tell everyone you know about TCWR and Giving Tuesday!
  • Fundraise: Can’t donate? You can start your own Giving Tuesday fundraiser for TCWR (through Facebook) then encourage your friends and family to help! Set a personal goal and see how close you can get to your goal (or how much you can exceed it!)
  • Engage: Interact with our posts on Giving Tuesday, this helps us get a bigger reach!
  • Create: Create an event (either online or in-person) to encourage people to participate in Giving Tuesday! A watch party that keeps track of how close we are to a goal could be a fun get together for a Tuesday!
  • Plan: Get ready for Giving Tuesday by creating a plan on how you will help! Can’t donate a lot? Skip 1 coffee a week ($2-$5) and set that back for Giving Tuesday. Talk to your friends and family about how they plan to participate. Use your family/friends/work Thanksgiving get together to talk about Giving Tuesday and Turpentine Creek. Mark your calendar so you don’t forget. Set a phone reminder for Giving Tuesday.
  • Other Ways To Help: Just can’t help for Giving Tuesday, that is ok! Sharing helps a lot, so does spreading the word. BUT there are other ways you can help the Refuge too! If you plan on doing any holiday shopping online through Amazon, you can sign up for Amazon Smile ( and pick Turpentine Creek Foundation Inc. (That is our official business name) as your charity. Then a portion of your total will be sent as a donation to Turpentine!

Can’t wait to donate? You can donate now and start Giving Tuesday off on the right paw!

Giving Tuesday 2019 Giveaways!

This year, to help promote social media engagement and get everyone excited about our Giving Tuesday event, we will be giving away prizes throughout the day as we meet fundraising goals! Winners will be randomly drawn for each prize. You will have to ‘enter’ to win but entry does not require donations, only interaction on posts. Below is a list of prizes and the goal amount they will be given at.

  • 5,000: One lucky winner will receive a Family Fun Pack (four general admission tickets, a TCWR calendar, a sticker, a newsletter) plus a reloadable Big Cat Bucks gift card.
  • $10,000: one winner will earn a photo of their favorite animal resident plus a magnet.
  • $15,000: one winner will get a Coffee with the Curator tour for two.
  • $20,000: One paw-painting will be given away created by a TCWR animal resident.
  • $25,000: Another paw-painting will be given away created by a TCWR animal resident.
  • $30,000: an individual will receive a Big Cat Call-Out (enrichment created with a custom message and given to TCWR’s animal residents the filmed; often used to send birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or even proposals)
  • $35,000: one lucky winner will be able to have a personal video chat with Animal Curator Emily McCormack plus the winner’s favorite TCWR animal resident
  • $40,000: the biggest prize of all will be given away once TCWR hits their goal. They will give one person a two-day weekday getaway for two to Eureka Springs! (2 weeknights of lodging at TCWR, a couples’ massage at New Moon Spa, an Escape Room 13 package for 2, dinner for 2 at Nyx and a $25 gift certificate to Mid Street Café.)