New Well Fundraiser

The well Fundraiser has been completed and the well has been built!!!

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge needs your help! We have reached a point that we cannot continue to grow, rescue, build new lodging, or expand our educational programs without a new well! We need a new public service well ASAP! Work has already begun but we have to finish before winter sets in!

The project will cost an estimated $150,000. Some of our generous supporters have offered dollar for dollar matching donations for the entire project! Meaning that for every dollar you donate we get a dollar from them! 

We have been fighting against the Big Cat Trade and providing a home for its survivors for 27 years. With increased efforts being made to end the Trade, including federal legislation and a strong push on ethical tourism, the organization says the need for growth becomes more evident every day.

But, we have found that we have hit a roadblock to expansion of our facility to its full potential because of the current well and water system that supplies water to both humans and animals throughout the property.

With our current water system, lodging guests and staff members, who live on-site, experience water pressure plummets when animal pools are being filled; while this is a notable annoyance, the bigger issue is that we have reached the legal limit of how many individuals can use our current water supply system.

For us to continue to secure our future, continue to expand, rescue animals, and educate the public, we need to take this first step towards our future. This well is not only the first step in the creation of their new Visitor Education Center, but is also a vital public safety feature for the visitors, staff, and interns. This new well will open opportunities to us so that we can continue to grow and expand for years to come.

Our upcoming Visitor Education Center project will offer us the opportunity to expand our mission and help educate the public about the plight of big cats in captivity.

The Center will include guest-requested features, such as a café and large-scale gift shop, while serving as an educational hub that serves our mission of ending the Big Cat Pet Trade.

Our future plans will require a system that can keep up with larger visitor groups, more staff, and more animals. At this moment we are in compliance with current laws, but have reached the maximum capacity. To move forward we have to comply with different, more comprehensive water treatment regulations. The new well is the best way to not only meet those regulations but also deliver safe water to everyone at the Refuge.

The $150,000 estimate includes the cost to drill the well, install the chlorination system, and construct a small building to house the system and water reservoir. So far, we have drilled the well, directionally drilled and laid the pipe to get the water where it needs to be, poured the foundation, and built the building. As we have raised funds, we have been completing this project in phases. We still need to purchase and install the reservoir tanks, chlorination system, and get everything connected. We still have a ways to go, but we are excited to see progress happening on this project!

“The only way that we can continue to grow the mission of TCWR is with this new well,” TCWR president Tanya Smith. “We appreciate Mrs. Martin for putting up the $40,000 match to stretch your donated dollars. This is a great time to double your contribution. For every dollar you give another is donated.”  

The matching donations are dollar for dollar! You donate $1 and an additional $1 is donated! Your donation will go twice as far!

Please help us help them and donate today, with our matching donation your money will go farther!