Exotic Feline Hybrid

Hybrids are the cross-breeding of two separate species of animal. This can occur naturally or through human intervention. Most hybrid species are human created, especially big cat hybrid populations. There are many examples of animal hybridization such as:

  • Tiger x Lion = Tigon/Liger
  • Tiger x Jaguar = Tiguar/Jagger
  • Tiger x Leopard = Tigard/Leoger
  • Lion x Jaguar = Liguar/Jaglion
  • Lion x Leopard = Lipard/Leopon
  • Jaguar x Leopard = Jagupard/Leguar
  • Caracal x Serval = Caraval/Servical
  • Asian Leopard Cat x Domestic Cat= Bengal
  • Serval x Domestic Cat = Savannah
  • Amur Leopard Cat x Domestic Cat = Ussuri
  • Margay x Domestic Cat = Bristol
  • Jungle Cat x Domestic Cat = Chausie
  • Geoffroy’s Cat x Domestic Cat = Safari

Species definition: a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

Hybrid Definition: A hybrid species is a cross between two different species, varieties, or breeds of animals.

Hybridization does occur in the wild, but only when it is advantageous for the animal to do so. When their reproductive opportunities become extremely limited, they will resort to hybridization for survival. There are no reasons why big cats should be hybridized since it is not helping the species survive in the wild.