Small Cat Rescue Update

Growing and Getting Stronger

July 20, 2018

Turpentine Creek’s newest residents are making strides towards recovery. The two young male servals and one male savannah cat are still in quarantine at our vet hospital for the time being, but we hope within a few weeks they will be healthy enough to move into their new habitats.

Our savannah cat introduced himself as Tigger when our veterinarian Dr. Anne Brenneke came to the refuge to run a full health exam on him. Tigger is a healthy 3-year-old male that weighs 12lbs. We did discover that he had been declawed on all four paws before his arrival at the Refuge, so we will be monitoring him closely for signs of discomfort or arthritis in the future.

Our little serval males are growing stronger by the day. The littlest male has gained over 1lb since his arrival. The blood tests on his ionized calcium levels also came back very low, which indicates that he has Metabolic Bone Disease. X-rays did show that this little male had a fracture on his back left leg due to the Metabolic Bone Disease.

Our large male serval also gained nearly a pound and is very energetic. His ionized calcium levels were not nearly as low as his brother’s but still low enough that we are monitoring him. He loves to pounce and play all day, and we are excited to see how much he has grown in the short time he has been with us.¬†We also found that both serval boys have ringworm on their ears, so we have begun treatment for that as well.

Although the two young serval brothers have yet to be named, we are hopeful to announce soon how we will go about naming them. We appreciate all the encouragement and donations from our supporters since the rescue. Please continue to donate and spread the word about the reality of the exotic pet trade in the USA.