Serval Name Voting

Name That Serval

Our two newest residents need your help! We recently rescued two 12-week-old serval cubs and a 3-year-old savannah cat. They were rescued from a man in New York that was allegedly trying to sell the servals cubs as pets, which is illegal in that state.

Although the savannah cat introduced himself as Tigger shortly after the rescue, the two cubs don’t have names! We’ve narrowed down the name choices to 3 names for each of the servals.

Vote now! Voting is open from now until August 14th. We will total all the votes and announce the serval names on the 15th of August!

$1 = 1 vote

To vote, add the name you want for each serval to your “shopping cart”. You can add both names and then visit the shopping cart and adjust totals to equal the amount you want to donate. 1 vote = $1 (example: 10 votes for Blue and 12 votes for Echo = $22)

Smaller Male Serval Name

Larger Male Serval Name