Meet the Rescues from Tiger King Park

Introducing Lyla

June 7, 2021

As you know, we recently assisted the Federal Government in rescuing sixty-eight big cats from Jeffery (Jeff) and Lauren Lowe’s Tiger King Park. Twelve big cats and one jaguar have found their way to the Refuge. We are still limited on details for two reasons: first, there are only so many we can legally provide due to the ongoing court case. Second, we are still learning the purrsonalities of these exotic cats. We invite you on this journey of getting to know them; each week, one or two will be featured in our e-newsletter for this reason.

Lyla is a female lion who is already settling into the unfamiliar space she finds herself in. Emerging confidently from her roll cage following the long trip from Oklahoma, the lioness scoped out her night house area before eagerly stepping out onto grassy terrain. She seemed excited to explore the habitat’s features, and the natural log seems to be her favorite item thus far. Within seconds, she made her way towards it, employing it as a prop to stretch before clambering on top. Though this element offers a barely taller view than she would have standing, Lyla displays the air of a noble queen surveying her kingdom upon it.

There has also been much sniffing of toys, barrels, and other enrichment items. The grass and her new neighbors provide additional interesting smells to be explored. Of course, our current animal residents remain ever-nosey, giving the pretty queen a stare-down every chance they get. Lyla holds her own, however, and seems unbothered by her rude neighbors. In fact, she’s just as interested in them as they are in her.

In addition to playing, Lyla spends time looking, listening, and sniffing; her curiosity is encouraging because it means keeping her motivated to exercise and engage her natural instincts through enrichment should be fairly easy.

Please consider supporting Lyla and her twelve companions by making a donation in their honor.

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