Meet the Rescues from Tiger King Park

Introducing Kyro & Opie

June 9, 2021

As you know, we recently assisted the Federal Government in rescuing sixty-eight big cats from Jeffery (Jeff) and Lauren Lowe’s Tiger King Park. Twelve big cats and one jaguar have found their way to the Refuge. We are still limited on details for two reasons: first, there are only so many we can legally provide due to the ongoing court case. Second, we are still learning the purrsonalities of these exotic cats. We invite you on this journey of getting to know them; each week, one or two will be featured in our e-newsletter for this reason.

Kyro is a big boy! He’s not quite as big as white tiger, Robbie, was when he first arrived, but staff estimates him to be between 450 & 500 lbs! However, he is a much more active animal than Robbie was, and he is tall! He is also quite a  character! This li-liger is a pretty happy guy and seems to have developed a strong affection for his caretakers already! He frequently runs to the fence to greet them, but often stops short and more or less “falls” into the fence with his full body weight! He makes quite a spectacle of himself, and has managed to capture the attention of his neighbors, Miles, Chuff and Athena who are mesmerized by his playful antics! In addition to his sloppy and somewhat wobbly gait, he also likes to greet the tour tram by sticking his tongue out at them!

Opie is one happy tiger! He likes to chuff- A LOT! In the short time he has been here, he has already been dubbed “The Chuff-Machine!” In addition to his happy-go-lucky attitude, he is also quite curious. He routinely follows staff as they make their way in and around his habitat boundaries. He seems to be especially content when enjoying his outer habitat, which he shares on alternating days with his mate Lyla (since she is currently in heat). Opie frequently stands on his hind legs against the fence to demonstrate his prowess to her. But as close as the pair are emotionally, physically, the two couldn’t be more different… For one thing, Lyla is a lioness! And as tall as Opie is – Lyla is short and squat! So short in fact that our staff refers to her as a “pocket lion.” Despite their differences, Opie seems quite fond of Lyla and the two get along well. Outside of his love life, Opie takes great joy in his pool, and puts it to good use every chance he gets! But no splashing here… Opie’s pool is actually more of a reflecting pond! He is frequently seen simply sitting, or even reclining, and just taking it all in. It’s as if he is enjoying the day, simply savoring the moment! 

Please consider supporting Kyro, Opie and their eleven companions by making a donation in their honor.

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