How You Can Help Pass H.R. 1818

You Can Make A Difference!

Changing the lives of over 10,000 big cats in captivity starts with YOU! Click here to contact your Representative NOW and let them known that they need to support H.R. 1818.

There are many ways you can help get H.R 1818 passed. With your help, we make a big difference!

  • Contact your Representative about H.R. 1818.
  • Spread the word on social media about H.R. 1818.

  • Talk to your friends and family about supporting H.R. 1818.
  • Support only True Sanctuaries (Places that do not allow hands-on interaction with animals).
  • Do not participate in any activities that exploit captive big cats (circuses, cub petting, movies/TV with live big cats, magic shows, events with live big cats, etc.).
  • Do not share cute pictures or videos that feature big cats being held, handled, or kept as pets by anyone but a professional.
  • Sign up for updates about H.R. 1818 so you know what is currently happening with it
  • Do not give up! One voice can be the deciding factor that can tip the scales! These animals have no voice, help them by being their voice.

Click here to contact your Representative NOW and let them known that they need to support H.R. 1818.


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Where is H.R. 1818 Currently At?

Currently, the Big Cat Public Safety Act, known as H.R. 1818, is in the 115th session of Congress. It was introduced to the House of Representatives on March 30, 2017. It has since been referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources and then was passed down to the Subcommittee on Federal Lands. The bill currently has 110 co-sponsors and that number is increasing steadily.

What does this mean?

When a proposed bill is in Subcommittee it cannot go to the floor to be voted on until it is approved by the Subcommittee it is assigned to. This means that the 21 members of the Federal Lands Subcommittee are in charge of the proposed bill’s fate. They have to approve it and pass it forward to the House of Representatives floor before it can be voted on.

Should I still contact my representative in Congress even though they are not on the subcommittee?

YES! The more support that is shown in Congress the more likely it will be passed in the subcommittee. And once the bill reaches the floor the co-sponsors will be able to help get the bill passed.

When does the 115th session end?

The 115th session of Congress runs from January 9, 2017, to January 9, 2019. This means there is still plenty of time to get H.R. 1818 passed.

What else can I do to support H.R. 1818

Do not stop spreading the word. The big cats need your help. Keep sharing the word, keep checking the status of co-sponsors, continue to refuse to participate in the exploitation and abuse of big cats. Change cannot happen without continuous support. Become a champion for big cats and become their voice.

Click here to contact your Congressmen NOW and let them known that they need to support H.R. 1818.


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