Growing Up Wild at Heart

Serval Rescues Update

September 5, 2018

Our two young serval rescues, Sammy and Enzo, are growing quickly! The two little serval boys came to us from New York in July, weighing only 2.8 and 3.8 lbs, both were malnourished and underweight. Now, two short months later, they both weigh in at over 15lbs! Their diet has progressed from a slurry of milk and ground meat to a full diet of meat with the bones pre-crushed and a little milk. They are growing so quickly right before our eyes. We are happy to report that even though Sammy came to us with severe metabolic bone disease, a high calcium diet seems to have helped him grow and develop into a strong cub. Although when rescued Sammy was smaller than his brother, he is now larger than Enzo.

Recently, Sammy and Enzo were introduced to the outside world. They now spend a few hours a day in the night house attached to our current serval habitat. They will be spending time getting used to their new environment before we attempt to introduce them to the other 3 servals that live at the refuge. Both boys will also need to be neutered before we introduce them to Giselle, Bowden, and Whistler.

To this point, both cubs have spent their whole lives living indoors. The new outdoor experience has been interesting, to say the least. As soon as the pair was put into their new night house Savannah, a lioness, began to carol; Sammy and Enzo were not too sure that the liked their new noisy neighbor. Every day they spend a little more time outside and spend the night in our veterinary hospital, with hopes that in a few weeks they will be ready to live outside permanently.

Soon, all five of our servals will be living together in the habitat, but this will not be their permanent place of residence. Plans and construction on a new, bigger, serval habitat have already begun. This habitat will be located on the habitat tour loop where the old cougar habitat was. The habitat will be built so that it can not only accommodate¬†servals but any type of cat that needs a heated night house and roof. The new habitat will have an attached 15×30 feet heated night house building, 4×2 inch wiring, a roof, and plenty of vertical spaces for animals to climb and jump on. In the future, the habitat could be used to house servals, bobcats, cougars, leopards, or even young big cat cubs. It will be a versatile space to help us continue rescuing all types of exotic felines in need.

Thank you for your support. Sammy and Enzo are both still in need of a few adopters and a sponsor. If you would like to adopt or sponsor Sammy and Enzo please visit our adoption and sponsorship page.