BB’s Battle With Cancer

We need your help!

BB King, one of the amazing tigers that calls Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge home, has been diagnosed with cancer. At only 12-years-old he is still young, for one of our tigers, and filled with fighting spirit. Help BB Battle cancer – donate now! #BBBattle

Recently, our team noticed that BB King had some sores in his mouth and our Veterinarian Dr. Kellyn decided to take him down to our veterinary hospital to examine him. When he was sedated we found out that BB King has a very rare form of cancer. Luckily, it appears as if we caught the cancer early because it has not metastasized or spread to any of his vital organs. Dr. Kellyn reached out to the exotic animal team at Kansas State University to consult about BB King’s case. After the consultation it was decided that BB King should get chemo, since it was caught early he has a good chance of remission and recovery. BB King still has a good chance at a long life here at Turpentine Creek with a little help from you!

BB King is still young and all the research Dr. Kellyn has done reassures us that BB King will come through this chemo treatment stronger. Making the decision to give chemo vs letting the cancer progress was a decision not taken lightly. His age, how far the cancer had progressed, and his over all health were major factors in this decision. Animals tend to handle chemo better than humans and the doses are lower. We will be taking this treatment step-by-step and evaluating as we go, he will be closely monitored at all times during the treatment. We are doing what we can to make sure BB King is still a happy, healthy tiger. We feel that all signs point towards this treatment being the best choice for BB King and our team.

In the upcoming weeks BB King will receive a 30 ml dose of chemo via IV once every 3 weeks for 4-6 treatment sessions. Donations made will go towards veterinary and animal care at Turpentine Creek, including BB King’s chemo treatment and various other medical expenses. BB King’s Chemo treatment starts at $2,000 plus the additional costs of veterinary checkups, sedation, protective equipment, and more. By donating now, you are helping us provide veterinary care for all our animal residents, including BB King’s Chemo.

BB King was born at the Refuge shortly after his mother, Tigger G, and father, Ziggy, were rescued. Tigger G was pregnant when we brought them here and we were happily surprised when BB King and Mack were born. Sadly, a few years later Tigger G died of cancer at the age of 13 and Ziggy passed away last July at the age of 19.

BB King has spent his entire life at Turpentine Creek, never being subject to the abuse of the cub petting industry or life at a road-side-zoo. BB King and his brother Mack were temporarily moved from their habitat in the Bear Tunnel down to habitats at Rescue Ridge for the duration of BB King’s treatment. This was done to make transport easier for BB King between his habitat and the Veterinary hospital. The flatter ground will also make it easier on BB King while he is getting treatments. Since he and Mack are so close we moved them both so they could continue to be together until BB King has recovered. Our plan is to move BB King and Mack back to their old habitat once BB King’s treatment is completed.

Please check back here for updates on BB King’s status as he progresses through his cancer treatment.