Donor Membership Levels

The members of the Hilda Jackson Society, the Kenny Fellowship, the Bam Bam Benefactors, and the Friends of India include Turpentine Creek’s most committed members who support TCWR’s rescue and education initiatives. By enrolling in a membership tier and pledging to give again, these dedicated stewards enable us to budget for bigger projects and projects with further impact in the years to come. Without their help, we could not do all that we have done and continue to do, thank you.

The Hilda Jackson Society: Annual Donation of $10,000+

Heather Klatt Johnny Caprefoli James & Linda Jacobson Nancy (Amy) Patterson Vicki and Scott James Fred & Sherry Sieber Anya Walters Julie & Jadyn Howard

The Fellowship: Annual Donation of $3,000 – $9,999

Cynthia Fudoli Patricia Stevens Tom & Rebecca Faichney Linda Davis Herbert & Jeanne Hogue Valerie Biendara Jeanette Hipskind Michelle & Randall Ives Dolores Proubasta

Bam Bam Benefactors: Annual Donation of $1,250 – $2,999

Michelle & Paul Sommers Bill & Liz Gould Rob & Connie Waldrop Michele Australie Richard & Tonya Braughton Leon & Joan Thomas Johnna Tatge

Friends of India – Annual Donation of $300 – $1,249

Carolyn Kent Sheila Mitchell Ed and Pamela Jahngen Brian & Kat Candelaria Judy Unrath David Hecht Veronica Hummel Sharon Harrold Elaine Bradford Thomas & Christie Simmons Robin Kent Ron & Karen Volden RE and Charlotte Collins Scott and Christi Ellis** Martha Morrison Kenneth & Sharon Dickman Alynne Maclean Jennifer and Steve Crouch Dave & Mildred Schoonover Robert Howell Lois Young Anabelle Steelman Mark & Judith Stillwell Richard Bereman Scott & Tanya Smith Rodney & Theresa Holter Shawn & Julie Schrader Connor Probst Thurman & Sharon Nance Jan Stanley Jerome & Elizabeth Borgert Gina M Briley James Peterson Leroy & Jane Wilkes Diane Whitley Marney and Brenda Gillmore Carol Miller Steve & Kathy Anderson Jeanine & EJ Binder Steve Towner Susan Keeton Bob & Nancy Yuhasz Daniel Manning John & Sharon Halstead Cheryl Nickell Paul Cardali Jim Wimberly Angela Hodges Edward and Ruth Balis Debbie Boyers James & Barbara Goldsmith Kevin & Renee Kyzer Deborah Hackler Tara Lewis Lisa Snow Marshall Foo Kayleen and Larry Yager Monica Brinker Jeffrey O’Neill Tracy Fleming Angela Diggs Steve and Terri Featherston Jean Eubanks Philip & Joanne Hall Cheryl Niblo Patricia & James Lubas Emric & Julia Roll Zorah Peters

Founding members of donor membership levels have an * after their name.