Donor Membership Levels

The members of the Hilda Jackson Society, the Kenny Fellowship, the Bam Bam Benefactors, and the Friends of India include Turpentine Creek’s most committed members who support TCWR’s rescue and education initiatives. By enrolling in a membership tier and pledging to give again, these dedicated stewards enable us to budget for bigger projects and projects with further impact in the years to come. Without their help, we could not do all that we have done and continue to do, thank you.

The Hilda Jackson Society: Annual Donation of $10,000+

Scott and Vicki James*

Heather Klatt*

Amy Patterson*

James and Linda Jacobson*

Fred and Sherry Sieber*

Anya and Joel Walters

Caroleta Martin

Johnny Caprefoli


The Fellowship: Annual Donation of $3,000 – $9,999

Herbert and Jeanne Hogue*

Pat Stevens*

Dolores Proubasta and Chris Liner*

Valerie Biendara

Randall and Michelle Ives

Julie and David Howard

Linda Davis and Gary Parsons

Judy Thorpe

Michael & Catherine Bateman

Al & Carole LaRose

Cynthia Fudoli

Louis & Debi Ciucci

Henry & Marilyn Lieberman

Steven & Donna Edwards


Bam Bam Benefactors: Annual Donation of $1,250 – $2,999

Paul and Michelle Sommers*, Thomas and Rebecca Faichney*, Tracy Garry*, Matthew Casey for CJ’s Harley, Seigrid Schaueffler, Bill and Liz Gould, Rob and Connie Waldrop, Leon and Joan Thomas, Amanda Rials, Martha Foster and Bob Else, Scott and Vicki James, Terry Zaslow, Glen and Bee Meldahl, Deborah Hackler, Samuel & Thelma Everhart, The Dannon Company, Debbie L. Boyers, , John and Kelli Hampton

Friends of India – Annual Donation of $300 – $1,249

Paul B. Cardali, MD*, Cynthia Pogue Baker*, Gayle and Arie Britt*, James and Barbara Goldsmith*, Kevin and Renee Kyzer*, Cheryl Nickell*, Carol Miller*, Patsy Simmons*, Joseph and Barbara Latham*, Julie and Shawn Schrader*, Pamela Hurt and Vicki Sue Samuelson*, Jerry and Elizabeth Borgert*, Anabelle Steelman*, Jessie Herr*, Diane Whitley*, Marney and Brenda Gillmore*, Richard Bereman*, Lois Young*, Vickie Owens and Mike McCratic*, Scott and Tanya Smith*, Judy Unrath*, EJ & Jeanine Binder*, Dave and Millie Schoonover*, Terry Weers*, Carol Dujanovich*, Scott and Christi Ellis*, Sheila and Dale Mitchell*, Ron & Karen Volden*, Gina M. Briley*, Alynne Maclean, Mark and Judith Stillwell, Sarah and Marvin Reilly, Kathy and Steve Anderson, Martha Morrison, Dona Meyer, Edward and Ruth Balis, Gary Duggan, John McLaughlin & Trish Wasek, Steve Towner, Thurman & Sharon Nance, Connor Probst, RE Collins, John & Lavonne Bennett,Virginia Rankin, Kenneth & Sharon Dickman, Patricia Wolf, Tara Lewis, Grover and Stacey Miller, Ken and Dawn Eden, Dr. James and Kimberly Myshka, Robin Kent,Thomas & Christie Simmons, Steve Welborn, John and Temple Igleburg, Samuel and Pat Perroni, Warren and Gail Taylor, Lavon and Brenda Morton, Kimberly Bennett, Leslie Landrum, Cathy Ryan, Nancy Hajek, Kathy Szopinski, David & Carol Angus, Anne Brown, Deborah Fredricks, Van & Becky Freeman,  Christopher Garner, David Gerson, Angela Hodges, Vickie Riedl, Justin & Kayla Rushing, Betty Schelb, Julie and David Stewart, Leon & Brenda Williamson, Major Thomas Spencer, Doug and Jeanne Ardoin, Douglas Bassett, Robin Chapman, Mary Ficarra, Joan Thompson, Pamela Thorn, Ron Gordon, Maria Van Dierendonck, Linda Brockman, Carolyn Kent, Mike & Diana Fendya, Elise Roenigk, Patricia Good, John & Sharon Halstead, Judith Payne, Cheryl Clark, Philip & Cassandra Carpentier, William & Nancy Plummer, Jim & Peggy Arnhart, Amy Benedict, Floyd’s Sales LLC, JR & Angel Shaw, The Shell Oil Company, John & Beverly Staedke, Vivian Thorton, Melinda Douglass, Colleen and Bill Stephenson, Randy & Susan West, Myron Rosenthal, Tom & Lynne McNutt, Paula Munera, Scott Spears, Sharon Gempler,Ed & Mary Lou Stratemeier, Richard & Cynthia Roop

Founding members of donor membership levels have an * after their name.