Donor Membership Levels

The members of the Hilda Jackson Society, the Kenny Fellowship, the Bam Bam Benefactors, and the Friends of India include Turpentine Creek’s most committed members who support TCWR’s rescue and education initiatives. By enrolling into a membership tier and pledging to give again, these dedicated stewards enable us to budget for bigger projects and projects with further impact in the years to come. Without their help, we could not do all that we have done and continue to do, thank you.

The Hilda Jackson Society: Annual Donation of $10,000+

Scott and Vicki James*

Heather Klatt*

Amy Patterson*


James and Linda Jacobson*

The Kenny Fellowship: Annual Donation of $3,000 – $9,999

Cynthia Carley and Sergei Pasitchnitchenko*

Virginia Rankin*

Herbert and Jeanne Hogue*

Bill and Nancy Plummer*




Bam Bam Benefactors: Annual Donation of $1,250 – $2,999

Paul and Michelle Sommers*, Thomas and Rebecca Faichney*, Bob Kramer*, Ron Gordon*, Joy Annette Mayfield*, Lester and Lora Park*, and Martha Morrison*, David Hitchins*, Karen and Rob Widdis*

Friends of India: Annual Donation of $300 – $1,249

Deborah Hackler*, Paul B. Cardali, MD*, Anna Jones*, Francis and Janice Schwertfeger*, Cynthia Baker*, Daryl and John Shaw*, Gayle and Arie Britt*, Pamela and Michael Thorn*, James and Barbara Goldsmith*, Kevin and Renee Kyzer*, Cheryl Nickell*, Carol Miller*, Patsy Simmons*, Edwin Jahngen*, Terry Zaslaw*, Joseph and Barbara Latham*, Julie and Shawn Schrader*, Pamela Hurt and Vicki Sue Samuelson*, Jerry and Elizabeth Borgert*, James and Justine Holladay*, Dr. Tamara Crowell*, Anabelle Steelman, Jessie Herr*, Diane Whitley*, Renee Ray*, Marney and Brenda Gilmore*, Tim and Annette Stoelk*, Rebecca Bell*, Richard Bereman*


Founding members of donor membership levels have a * after their name.