Board Member

Virginia Rankin

She’s a New Orleans’ gal with deep Arkansas roots. On a visit to Eureka Springs in 2011, she walked past the TCWR store front, purchased an admission ticket and kept coming back. She didn’t know it then but TCWR was to become her next cause to champion.

Active in everything animal related all her life, Virginia worked with her local SPCA in event planning and fundraising efforts for many years. In early 2001, she was contacted by a group of people who were starting a no-kill Sanctuary in Louisiana. St. Francis Animal Sanctuary was formed and is now the second largest no-kill companion Sanctuary in the United States. During Hurricane Katrina, St. Francis was the host Sanctuary for over 2,000 animals rescued from the devastating floodwaters that overtook New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Still a sitting member of the Founder’s Board, she remains committed to the no-kill philosophy.

While she is still learning to chuff as well as the staff members and interns, she enjoys spreading the mission of TCWR to a new demographic in the Louisiana.