Hi, my name is Titus Creek, but I prefer to be called T.C. I’m the new Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge mascot and I joined the family in January of 2016.

My role is to help spread awareness and educate the public about our mission of protecting neglected and abused victims of the exotic pet trade. All of my animal friends at the Refuge are great and the human keepers are cool too…even though they look a little funny without fur! The food here is really good – my favorite is chicken thighs – but I also really love bloodcicles. They make great treats!

I’m never bored at the Refuge either. Between working as the mascot, and the great enrichment the keepers and interns make for me and my friends, I know I’m really going to love being part of the family! I’ve already planned a lot of projects that will help us continue our mission! I’ll be sure to update you on all the positive things we’re doing at the Refuge as well as in the surrounding communities. I’ve also been working with members of our staff to come up with fun, educational offerings that we’ll make available on our website. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, though, so just keep an eye on social media for regular updates!

I know this is just the beginning of my amazing adventure at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful family. Thank you again for supporting my furry friends, and I’m excited to share all of the great things that will be happening in the future!


Titus Creek (T.C.) was designed by Marie-Ann Bourgault, an artist from Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. She continues to provide Turpentine Creek new T.C. artwork and other various artwork on commission. We are very grateful to Marie-Ann for her wonderful art and support of Turpentine Creek.