Animal Care Staff

Susannah Manning-Osborn

Suz is a member of the Animal Care Staff who after having completed 3.5 internships at the Refuge, was invited to become a permanent member of staff at Turpentine Creek. In her position, she participates in the everyday care of the animals, including administering medications, cleaning habitats, and building new habitats and benches.

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Suz, who has not had a natural hair color since the age of twelve, has a BA in Psychology from Elon University and has always been fascinated with animals. Rescuing,┬átherefore, has been one of the┬ámost important causes to her. She says that “whether rescuing domestic or exotic wildlife, knowing that I am making a difference in their lives gives me a sense of purpose” and “having the opportunity to care for big cats and contribute to giving them a better life has been a dream come true.” After her first internship, TCWR – the animals and the people – stole her heart, and she knew that this was the place for her.