Board Member

Pat Quinn

Following a life-long fascination with tigers and lions, Pat did an internet search in 1998 and discovered Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. It was a match made in heaven, as one of the founding members of TCWR was looking for a secretary at the time.

Having been divorced for many years, and with her children grown and on their own, Pat decided (at the age of 54) that a lifestyle change might be in order. She visited Turpentine Creek in late April of 1998, met with Don & Hilda Jackson and Tanya (Jackson) Smith, and also fell in love with all of the animals at the Refuge. She went home to Detroit, MI, gave a two-week notice at her corporate job that she was leaving, packed up all her belongings, and by June 1st of 1998 was living in Eureka Springs.

Combining her life-long secretarial expertise with her abiding love and passion for the Big Cats, ‘Ms. Pat’ has been an integral member of the TCWR team for over two decades. When she was working here she said that talking with a tiger at lunch time was a whole lot different than feeding the pigeons along the Detroit River!

Pat is now 100% retired. When not visiting Turpentine, she enjoys her new home on top of a mountain and doing a variety of community related things in Eureka Springs. Saying she has the best of both worlds, Pat is still involved with TCWR as a Board Member and spends her leisure days with her dogs, Anubis, Pharaoh, and Spencer, and her domestic cat, Buster.