Animal Care Staff

Meghan Tiemann

Meghan came to the Refuge from Dover Plains, New York and is a member of the Animal Care Staff. She earned her degree in biology from Southern Connecticut State University where she was also a field hockey player. Being a lover of animals, it wasn’t long after graduation that Meg applied to the Internship Program at TCWR.

Becoming an intern was the first step in her longtime desire to go to Africa and research human-animal conflict with big cats. After her second internship at the Refuge, however, she decided that the work that she was doing every day at TCWR was making just as much of a difference in the lives of the animals and happily decided to stay after being asked to become a member of TCWR staff. Meg is the manager of our commissary, which means she is in charge of animal diets, managing our refrigerators and freezers, and keeping inventory of our food supply.

For Meg, one of the most significant parts of being a member of the TCWR team is seeing where the animals have come from and where they are now. She notes that, “We rescue animals that are scared and mistreated by humans. Watching them transform and get a chance to be wild is an overwhelming feeling. I hope to continue to do this as long as I can.”