Animal Care Staff

Megan Keller

Megan Keller’s dream to work with big cats, specifically tigers, formed in elementary school and set the trajectory for her future. She graduated from the University of Hawaii Manoa in 2016, with a B.S. degree in Zoology and earned four internships at TCWR before being hired. 

“After my first day of my first internship, I knew I wanted to stay here as long as I could.” Meg explained. “I was always hoping to earn a staff position but knew that no matter what happened, I wanted to spend 2 years here because I love our sanctuary, team, the animals, and the difference we make for everyone.”

Meg lists “the countless friendships/family” she has created at TCWR as one of her favorite aspects of her job. Her other favorite things to do at work include creating new benches and habitats for TCWR’s animal residents, giving medication out to “chuffy, excited animals,” and learning new things as she assists staff veterinarian Dr. Kellyn Sweeley with exams. She enjoys making examinations easier on the animals through behavioral training. Perhaps one of the most special moments for Meg is watching newly-rescued animals evolve and thrive at TCWR. 

When Meg isn’t medicating animals or helping them adapt to their new home, she turns her attention to the three adopted house cats she shares with her friend and fellow staff member, Morgan. When not doting on them, she can be found soaking in the Ozarks through hiking and swimming, eating at her favorite local restaurants, and cross-stitching.