Board Member

Heather Klatt

Heather hails from Kansas where she graduated with a BME from Wichita State University and as a DO from Kansas City University of Medicine in Missouri. She has always had a heart for animals – especially cats of all sizes.

Heather says,”I grew up with pets and have always loved being around animals of all kinds – finned, furred and feathered. I visited Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge for the first time when my father brought me in 2014. I spent many hours each day watching the animals, especially Tigger 3 and Rasha who were my first Sponsored animals. I was hooked after that first visit and have visited frequently. I enjoy being a passionate supporter of the Refuge’s mission.”

Heather is excited to be joining the Board at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and is looking forward to working towards the goals and mission of the Refuge. She is also looking forward to perfecting her chuffing skills.

Heather also enjoys performing and listening to music, theater and kayaking. She lives in Missouri where she practices medicine and hangs out with her cats – Pamina, Wolfi and Stanzi (The Meowzart Trio!).