Animal Care Staff

Hannah Corbin

Hannah Corbin, a native of Colo, Iowa, is a member of the Animal Care Staff and is the Commissary Manager at the Refuge. With a BA in Biology and a minor in Sociology, Hannah first heard about TCWR from her mother, who found a flier advertising TCWR’s internship program at the university where she works. Initially drawn to the idea of climate change and the relationship it has had with the extinction of animals, she never realized all of the issues surrounding big cats and bears in captivity before becoming an intern at the Refuge. When she first arrived she was shocked at what was happening in our backyards and the unfortunate reality that our country is contributing to the extinction of these animals that we all care so much about.

Hannah realized soon into her internship that she wanted to stay. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is one of the few places that puts their animals first –saving animals and providing them with a second chance at freedom. The reward of all of the hard work done at the Refuge has been unbelievably amazing for her, especially when getting to see these animals walk into a natural grassy habitat for the very first time or finally learning to trust again –that sense of gratitude is so much bigger than yourself.

When not helping to feed the big cats and bears as the Manager of the Commissary, Hannah can be found performing other important animal care tasks, and kindling her love of bears, who constantly make her smile as some of the Refuge’s most active residents.