Marketing Director

Cheryl King

Cheryl King of Medina, New York, is a member of the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge marketing team in the Promotion and Events Coordinator position. With an educational background in eBusiness through the University of Phoenix and a thirty-year career in telecommunications, Cheryl leverages her skills to expand brand awareness, develop traditional advertising relationships, and build TCWR digital marketing recognition.

Cheryl brings a real passion to her duties based on a foundation of respect and admiration for the exotic cats that call the Refuge home. Her first experience with TCWR was in 2008 when she visited while vacationing in Eureka Springs. She was profoundly affected and immediately supportive of the TCWR mission, little knowing then that she would join the team twelve years later. Fate and fortune brought her back to Eureka Springs as a full-time resident in 2015. When TCWR posted the job for Promotion and Events Coordinator, Cheryl was thrilled to pursue the opportunity, recognizing how she could utilize her abilities and contribute to the critical need for care these animals require.