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Ground Breaking

New Visitor Education Center

August 18, 2017

Turpentine Creek would like to invite you to help us celebrate the next big step in our evolution as a big cat sanctuary. Although our mission is to rescue abused, abandoned, neglected, and unwanted big cats that are victims of the exotic pet trade, our goal is to also educate the public about the exotic pet trade and prevent the suffering of big cats in captivity.

For over 25 years, Turpentine Creek has been rescuing big cats and educating the public about the exotic animal problem that is in the U.S.A. As we’ve grown as a non-profit our facility has grown with us. We started 25 years ago with a small area full of enclosures, a gift shop, and a small dedicated team. We have since grown to a larger facility with large, open spacious habitats for our animals, a vet hospital, and commissary. We are an ever changing and evolving facility, doing what we can to help protect and care for big cats in need.

On October 27, 2017, at 1 pm, we will be celebrating the kickoff of our newest project, a beautiful new Visitor Education Center. This building will provide better opportunities for us to host groups, schools, and more visitors at the refuge. The new Visitor Education Center is planned to have a small gift shop where visitors can get souvenirs, a multipurpose education space, kiosks with big cat facts, and a small restaurant with big windows so visitors can eat and watch some of the animals that call Turpentine Creek home. 

For years, we have done our best to educate the public about the plight of big cats in captivity, but in recent years we have grown to the point that our current gift shop and the facility cannot properly handle the number of people and groups visiting. Because of this, we have drawn up plans for a Visitor Education Center that would allow us to not only accommodate the people visiting, but expand on the educational aspect of our missions.

Please join us for the ‘ground breaking’ of our new Visitor Education Center. This will be our largest project to date and will change Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge forever. With your help, we can change not only exotic animals’ lives but also human lives.

Come celebrate with us on October 27th and stay the following day for our annual Howl-O-Ween event! It is the only night of the year that you can see our big cats at night. It will be an amazing weekend full of fun and fundraising!

Solar Eclipse

Unique Experience

August 15, 2017

In less than a week, part of the United States of America will experience a total solar eclipse. This beautiful spectacle is so rare that the last time a total eclipse happened was in 1979! Although Turpentine Creek is not in the path of totality, we will experience a “deep partial” eclipse of 92%. This spectacular and unique experience will last in our little part of the world from 11:43 am CST until 2:41 pm CST with the peak viewing time at 1:13 pm.

This spectacular and unique experience will last in our little part of the world from 11:43 am CST until 2:41 pm CST with the peak viewing time at 1:13 pm. Our visitors and team will get to experience the beautiful view throughout the midday and observe how the animals react to this strange phenomenon.

The solar eclipse might be a beautiful sight to witness, but it isn’t just the lack of light that some people enjoy observing during eclipses. Many people have reported that during solar eclipses animals act differently. Nocturnal (night) animals wake up, diurnal (day) animals go to sleep, and crepuscular (twilight) animals become active. Tigers, lions, leopards, bobcats, and cougars are nocturnal and crepuscular, which should prove to be an interesting event to observe for our visitors.

We invite everyone to stop out and enjoy the partial solar eclipse with us. We have ordered a limited number of Solar glasses, which will be available and can be purchased at the gift shop the day of the eclipse.

We still have some rooms available for August 20th and 21st so book your stay and enjoy a truly unique day at the refuge! It will be another 7 years before anyone else can experience an eclipse day at Turpentine Creek. The next total eclipses to come to our area will not be until April 8, 2024 (98.81%) and August 12, 2045 (99.91%).