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One-Time Donation

Restricted Donation

KatyinetRestricted donations are donations made to the Refuge with for a particular project. For example; the fence fund, the habitat fund or other projects we need your help with from time to time. The donor (you) decide what the donated money is used for or applied toward. We have many projects worthy of funding. We need your help to further our mission, and restricted donations provide an avenue for you, our supporter, to help be our guide. For instance, while visiting the Refuge, you realize we need bigger and better public restrooms. You can contact the Refuge and find out the cost, then fund the project. This action would be considered a restricted donation. Whether the project is something big, like new restrooms or small like providing a new mop, we need your help and welcome your input.

Unrestricted Donation

KarmainetUnrestricted donations to the Refuge are extremely important for Turpentine Creek's existence. There are many hidden costs that most donors overlook. Utilities, insurance, and land payments are just few examples. These everyday cost are always there and paying them is fundamental to the Refuge's success. Please donate through unrestricted donations. The expenses covered by unrestricted donations help lay the foundation for the animals future.