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Turpentine Creek works hard to assure the availability of all products listed in our online store, but due to high demand of some products and back-orders from the source companies some products may be unavailable or have slow ship dates at certain times.


Our Products

2015 Calendar $10.00
2015 Calendar

The first calendar produced for TCWR was in 1998 with the hopes that it would raise funds for building habitats for our furry friends. The same is true today; proceeds from calendar sales go directly towards our Habitat Fund.

This year's calendar features amazing photos of some of our feline friends; photos that double as great wall decorations. They make great gifts for your friends and family, and look great in your home and office.

So purchase your copy today! And share the mission of Turpentine Creek.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/giftshop/2015 Calendar.jpg
Tiger Eye Ball Cap $18.00
Tiger Eye Ball Cap

Denim-look navy ball cap with distressed look on bill and mesh back with tiger eye line drawing and refuge name drop. Adjustable velcro strap.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Tiger Eye Ball Cap.jpg
Chettah Face Jute Tote Bag $7.00
Chettah Face Jute Tote Bag

Burlap tote bag with cheetah face design. Perfect for many applications including groceries, shopping, school, the office or weekend adventures. 15”x16”x7”

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Cheetah Face Jute Tote Bag.jpg
Tiger Face Jute Tote Bag $7.00
Tiger Face Jute Tote Bag

Burlap tote bag with tiger face design. Perfect for many applications including groceries, shopping, school, the office or weekend adventures. 15”x16”x7”

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Tiger Face Jute Tote Bag.jpg
Knit Beanie $18.00
Knit Beanie

Stay warm and fashionable with a knit beanie from Turpentine Creek. Choose the pink heathered or charcoal heathered option with paw print design name drop.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Knit Beanie.jpg
Plush Leopard Purse $12.00
Plush Leopard Purse

Aurora Fancy Pals small plush purse with leopard inside featuring an orange peach sign on pink background.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Plush Leopard Purse.jpg
Plush White Tiger Purse $12.00
Plush White Tiger Purse

Aurora Fancy Pals small plush purse with white tiger inside featuring an white tiger stripe and pink satin bow

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Plush White Tiger Purse.jpg
Four Cat Photo T-shirt $20.00
Four Cat Photo T-shirt

Adult t-shirt with images of lion, tiger, serval and leopard on pale, slate grey.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Four Cat Photo T-shirt.jpg
Zip-up Fleece Jacket $40.00
Zip-up Fleece Jacket

Soft fleece jacket with zipper pockets and elastic cuffs. Left chest has image of tiger eyes with refuge name drop

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Zip up Fleece Jacket.jpg
12” Plush White tiger with baby $20.00
12” Plush White tiger with baby

Big eyed white tiger stuffed animal with baby tiger in belly pocket.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/1 - 12 Plush White Tiger w Baby.jpg
Child’s Big Cat T-shirt $15.00
Child’s Big Cat T-shirt

This high quality kids tee features a gorgeous big cat design that is perfect for any cat loving little one.

Sizes: small(2-4), medium(6-8), large(10-12), x-large (14-16)

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/Childs Big Cat T-shirt.jpg
Lion in the Snow adult T-shirt $20.00
Lion in the Snow adult T-shirt

This light blue t-shirt is from the Smithsonian collection and features a gorgeous graphic of a male lion looking up into the falling snow.

Sizes: small, medium, large, x large, & xx large (these shirts are men’s fit and tend to run large)

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Lion in the Snow adult T-shirt.jpg
Rainbow tiger adult T-shirt $20.00
Rainbow tiger adult T-shirt

This fun t-shirt features a colorful design of a tiger face. Show your creative side with this unique –shirt

Sizes: small, medium, large, x large, & xx large (these shirts are men’s fit and tend to run large)

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/Rainbow tiger adult T-shirt.jpg
19cm Plush Leopard $10.00
19cm Plush Leopard

Big eyed spotted cat stuffed animal.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/2 - 19 Plush Leopard.jpg
7” plush lion $10.00
7” plush lion

His mane may be messy, but he is great to snuggle with.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/3 - 7 Plush Lion.jpg
24” Plush Leopard $25.00
24” Plush Leopard

Huge, cuddly stuffed leopard that is perfect to snuggle with or can act as a fun pillow.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/5 - 24 Plush Leopard A.jpg
Tiger Clipboard $15.00
Tiger Clipboard

This wooden carved clipboard comes with carved wood pen and notepad and is magnetic so great for students, in an office or on your fridge.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/7 - Tiger Clipboard.jpg
Tiger Photo Album $15.00
Tiger Photo Album

Wooden carved Photo Album with sleeves that is a great way to hold photos, but great for other mementos as well.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/8 - Tiger Photo Album.jpg
Reusable Sticker Pad $6.00
Reusable Sticker Pad

A wonderful and fun activity for all kids includes over 150 repositionable stickers of wild, farm and aquatic animals and 5 different sheets with various habitat scenes. Allows imaginations to run wild!

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/9 - Reusable Sticker Pad.jpg
Stamp set $10.00
Stamp set

Ink and stamp set with 8 wooden stamps of various baby wild animals and 4 color stamp pad. Fun for all ages.

http://www.turpentinecreek.org/cache/rokquickcart/cart/images/rokquickcart/10 - Stamp Set.jpg

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