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Short Video about TCWR

A brief documentary about the people and wildlife at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and its history of providing lifetime sanctuary to hundreds of exotic animals.
by: Charles Ragsdell, II

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Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge’s

Dog & Cat Walk


Thank you for your interest in TCWR’s Dog & Cat Walk held during our 20 Year Celebration Event. This Fundraiser Walk will be held on Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m rain or shine. The goal of the event is for participants to find people who will sponsor them for the walkathon, thus raising money for TCWR’s animals, and have fun walking for these wonderful rescued animals on the Walk Day.

Prior to the event, participants are to register online and then raise money for the refuge by finding people to sponsor their walk. They may ask friends, family, coworkers, etc. to be their sponsors and pledge money for their walk. All money raised goes right to TCWR’s amazing animals. Click on the links below to register for either the Cat or Dog Walk and to download the pledge sheets needed for this event.

Two separate courses are available to choose from to walk:

Cat Walk Info – This walk consists of the participants walking around TCWR’s Habitat loop. The habitats are large enclosures, about a quarter to a half-acre in size, where over half of our big cats live. Participants will be walking around this loop that is 6/10s of a mile long, gravel, and consists of two large hills, one in which the participants walk down and another they walk up, all the while enjoying watching our tigers, lions, and cougars out lounging, and playing in their habitats. Our goal is to eventually one day get all of the cats at TCWR out into these natural habitats, and a lot of the money this event raises will go directly to doing just that! (No canines allowed on this course!)

Dog Walk Info – This walk consists of participants walking around with a canine friend in a marked course located out in the large field in front of TCWR’s gift shop (No canines are allowed into the Refuge). The participants and their canine friends will be walking a half mile course. Unfortunately, this course doesn’t allow participants to view the cats in their habitats as the Cat Walk does. However, the participants do get to experience this walk with their canine friend which is a great bonding experience for both the owners and their canines. Canines must be leashed at all times. Flexi-leads are strongly discouraged, as are dogs in season.

**All participants should be in good health including their canine friends. A waiver will have to be signed on the day of the event. It is advised, if walking an older dog, to bring a wagon to possibly pull the canine around in if the Walk gets to be too much for them. Water and beverages will be handed out to participants during the Walk as will water be available for canine friends.**

**All participants will receive FREE admission into TCWR for the Walk day. Thus, after the Walk, feel free to go on a tour and/or catch feeding time (when we feed all the big cats) at 5:00 p.m. Also, during this Earth Day, our Curator, Emily McCormack, will be speaking at both 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. about the dangers of Exotic Animal Ownership in TCWR’s Compound area. As the Walks end at 1:00 p.m., participants are encouraged to attend this talk at 2:00 p.m. However, at no point are any canines allowed into the Refuge. Food and dog treats will also be available for purchase after the Walk.**

**To become a participant you need to register through our site by following the links below. (Registration online will close at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 21st). Or you can register in person in the TCWR Gift Shop. If you are walking without a canine, then register for the Cat Walk; if you are walking with a canine, then register for the Dog Walk. There is a $15.00 registration fee that will need to be paid at the time of registration either online or in the Gift Shop. If registering online, you will need to click on both the REGISTER TODAY paypal link (this is to pay the $15.00 fee) AND whichever Walk Registration Form link (dog or cat) you plan on participating in. All fields are to be filled out on the Registration form. We will take walk-ins on the day of the Event. However, the registration fee on that day is $20.00 for each participant instead of $15.00.**

The participant is also to print out pledge sheets for their sponsors to fill out; the link for the pledge sheet is found below the registration links. If more pledges are found than on the one sheet, please print out multiple sheets. The sponsors can either give a one-time flat rate donation or pledge a ‘per lap’ amount (which is preferred). The ‘per lap’ pledge is the amount the sponsor will pay after the event is completed and the participant’s lap count is known (how many times they completed the walk around either the Dog or Cat Walk Course). They pledge a small amount, such as $3.00 per lap. If the participant walks a total of 16 laps, then the sponsor would owe ($3 x 16 laps = 48) $48.00.

On the day of the event, check-in/registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. Participants must check-in to the registration desk to pick up their number bibs and free event T-shirts. Also, pledge sheets must be turned in with all cash/checks raised up to that point. All ‘per lap’ pledges must be collected after the event when the amount of completed laps is known. Participants will receive a copy of their pledge forms and then be able to go back to their sponsors and collect all ‘per lap’ pledges within the next week or so. It is the responsibility of the participant to collect the pledge amounts after the event and send them to TCWR at, 239 Turpentine Creek Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. It is advised that the participants do not mail cash, only checks. There is no minimum amount of money that participants need to raise but we do ask that the participants try their hardest to raise as much money as they can for our animals. Prizes will be given away to those who raise the most money.

If the participant ends up with no ‘per lap’ pledges, they will then turn in their pledge sheets along with all cash/checks collected to the registration desk on the day of the event and no copy of their pledge sheets will be needed.

**The participants that raise the most money for the Dog Walk and the Cat Walk on the day of the Event, will receive a big prize. However, the prize will not be given out until all pledge money is collected from all ‘per lap’ sponsors. As it is based on the Event day, if a participant were to raise more money than they had planned on the day of the Event and this amount were to put them in the lead of money raised, they would still not be eligible for the prize. Runners-up may also be awarded, so work hard to raise some money and help our kitties!**

Get info about Turpentine Creek to help spread awareness. Familiarize yourself with our goals and missions so that you can fully explain our cause to those you wish to sponsor you for the Walk:

 Any questions, call TCWR’s gift shop at 479-253-5841, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So please take the time to register today. Again, all money raised goes right back to our cats!

Come and celebrate 20 Years of TCWR with us and join in our first-ever Dog & Cat Walk!