Big Cat Public Safety Act

H.R. 1818

April 11, 2017

Did you know that your neighbor might have an exotic big cat in their backyard? No, we aren’t kidding, there is a chance that the sweet older lady living a block from your child’s school might be harboring a dangerous exotic animal in her house or backyard.

Currently, there are no federal laws regulating the private ownership of big cats and other dangerous exotic animals. Only state and local laws prevent your neighbors from keeping these dangerous animals as pets. For years many animal groups and accredited sanctuaries have been working hard to get a federal law passed to regulate big cat private ownership. On March 30, 2017, House Representative Jeff Denham, referred H.R. 1818 to the 115th Congress to the House Committee on Natural Resources1.

There are an estimated 5,000 – 7,000 tigers living in captivity today2, with only about 400 of those living in Zoos. That number does not include lions, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, cougars, big cat hybrids, and other dangerous exotic animals. These animals could kill or dismember a person with a swipe of their paw or bite from their powerful jaw. Nature made these animals strong enough to kill large prey and even though they were raised around humans does not negate their powerful biology and natural instincts to survive. Over the years, hundreds of big cats have escaped and/or seriously injured and killed individuals and pets 3,4. Including the worst incident to date where a man released 51 dangerous exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio in October of 20115.

6According to the Humane Society there are 5 states in the USA that have NO laws about the private ownership of big cats, Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. 11 states do not ban dangerous wild animals as pets but do require permits for some species. 13 states ban some species of dangerous wild animals as pets but allow others. 21 states ban all dangerous wild animals as pets.

H.R. 1818 is also known as the Big Cat Public Safety Act, if passed would regulate big cat private ownership at a federal level. The bill will set forth stricter regulations on facilities that own big cats. The Big Cat Public Safety Act would also regulate the breeding of big cats in captivity by requiring any facilities that breed to be part of an approved conservation population management plan.

A lot of individuals and groups who oppose the Big Cat Public Safety Act argue that we are taking away their pets, this is NOT true. The Big Cat Public Safety Act allows people to keep their current exotic pets as long as they are all registered with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service within 180 days, and that they do not breed, acquire, sell, or allow public contact with their exotic animals1. The idea is that by stopping people from acquiring new big cats from this point forward that in 20 years, exotic pet ownership will no longer be an issue.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge’s mission is to provide lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected “Big Cats” with emphasis on Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cougars. Our stance is that big cats are not pets, nor are they props, and deserve to be treated like the wild animals that they are. Although we love what we do, we feel it is better to prevent the abandonment, abuse, and neglect of big cats at the source, owners, instead of dealing with the aftermath.

Turpentine Creek supports H.R. 1818 – The Big Cat Public Safety Act and encourages our supporters to reach out to their local, state, and federal representatives to let them know that you support H.R. 1818 – The Big Cat Public Safety Act and believe that they should as well.

You can follow the progress of H.R. 1818 The Big Cat Public Safety Act on this website1. Get notifications about the advancement of the bill and who has cosponsored it.

U.S. Supporters ONLY.

To look up your current representatives, please visit this website7. You can call, email, or write a letter to your representative.

If you call, please say something like:

“____ is my representative, and I want to urge them to cosponsor and support The Big Cat Public Safety Act, which is bill number H.R. 1818.”

If you email, tweet, or Facebook message your representative, please write something along the lines of:

Dear _______,

My name is _______ and I live in your district. I support bill number H.R. 1818 – The Big Cat Public Safety Act. I urge you to cosponsor and support this bill.

Thank you, _____________


Read H.R. 1818 – The Big Cat Public Safety Act – Text Here








Arkansas Gives 2017 Results

You Did It!

April 10, 2017

Arkansas Gives Day was April 6, 2017. We decided to use this day of giving to replace a crucial piece of our habitat building equipment, our Hydraulic Post Driver, which had finally given up on us after 22 years of hard work. We knew that our fantastic supporters could help us raise $6,000 to replace the post driver since, on Arkansas Gives Day in 2016, we raised $6,212.54.

Shortly after the event began donations began pouring in, we were stunned speechless when we reached our $6,000 goal by 11 AM! Our supporters came out in droves to help us out. We added two smaller goals so that our supporters could continue to help us throughout the day. Our goal went up to $10,000, so that we could also get 6 weedeaters and 1 new welder. We figured these two additional goals would be enough to get us through the day; we were wrong in the best of ways.

Before 4 PM, we had raised not only enough for the weedeaters but also the welder. We had run out of goals for needed equipment. It was recommended by Emily, our animal curator, to set a final stretch goal to raise the money for the expensive powder coated metal for the two new bear night houses. The expense for these two night houses was even bigger than our initial goal. We added the $6,760 to the top of our goal bringing our full day goal up to $16,760, and we waited.

As the clock ticked closer to 8 PM, the end of Arkansas Gives Day, our numbers jumped up. At the very end of the day, we had raised a total of $16,630! That total is without our bonus dollars, which are predicted to be over $1,000, and a few checks that people sent out on Arkansas Gives Day, which have yet to arrive, that means we surpassed even our stretch goal!

Our supporters did amazing things in a single day. They purchased 1 hydraulic post driver, 6 heavy duty weedeaters, 1 welder, and the metal for 2 big bear habitats. In the upcoming weeks, we will have the official ‘grand total’ raised on Arkansas Gives Day. No matter what that finally number ends up being, we are so very thankful to every person who not only donated but shared and supported Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on Arkansas Gives Day and continues to support us every other day of the year. THANK YOU!


UPDATE: Official Arkansas Gives Day Total including Bonus Dollars $17,751

RIP Hydraulic Post Driver


April 4, 2017

Raising Funds On Arkansas Gives Day To Replace Vital Equipment That Built Turpentine Creek

Ending of an era, RIP Yellow Hydraulic Post Driver

After 22 years and countless posts, our beloved yellow hydraulic post driver has passed into that junkyard in the sky. The machine that built big cat dreams is finally beyond repair.

For 22 years the beautiful yellow post driver built numerous habitats, benches, and safety barriers. Each time it broke our team worked hard to fix it, we did everything we could to make it last. This post driver built ALL of the habitats and fencing currently at Turpentine Creek; we would not be where we are today without the help of our yellow post driver.

When it broke in March, we called the company to order parts and were informed that they stopped making parts for our post driver model in 2006! Our only option was to search for used parts. It was with a heavy heart that we decided to retire the old girl and look into purchasing a new replacement.

Our search found the HD-10, a lovely red post driver that is more powerful, versatile, and should last just as long as the old driver. The HD-10 will cost us $6,000 but will save us thousands of dollars on man hours, labor costs, and save our team member the aches and pains of manually driving hundreds of posts.

On Arkansas Gives Day, Thursday, April 6, 2017, from 8 am until 8 pm Central Time; we will be raising the $6,000 needed to purchase the HD-10.

Arkansas Gives offers the opportunity for your donations to go further. Donations made on are eligible for Bonus Dollars and Prize money for Turpentine Creek. You do not have to live in Arkansas to participate, Arkansas Gives Day is about donating to your favorite Arkansas-based nonprofit. No matter where you live in the world, you can participate in Arkansas Gives Day and support Turpentine Creek.

Without this machine, we cannot finish building the two new bear habitats. These habitats still have hundreds of posts to be driven in hard, rocky, Arkansas soil and it will take too long for us to hand drive the posts.

We can focus on raising funds for a new Post Driver thanks to the generosity of Cindy F. who donated $5,000 last week for Arkansas Gives, fulfilling our original Arkansas Gives Goal all at once. Now it is up to the rest of our supporters to help us get this important piece of equipment so we can complete our new bear habitats and continue building habitats for the next 20+ years.

Click Here To Learn More About Arkansas Gives Click Here On Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 8a-8p CST To Donate To Turpentine Creek


Turpentine Creek Honored At Arkansas Governor’s Conference

At the 2017 Arkansas Governor’s Conference, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge was awarded this year’s Henry “Bootstrap” Award.

The Bootstrap Award is given to an individual, organization or community that has achieved significant success “on a shoestring,” having limited means to work with, either in resources or finances.

Turpentine Creek is honored to be given this award. We do our best to utilize the donations of our sponsors to provide care for all the animals that call Turpentine Creek home. Getting this award is recognition for all our hard work and dedication. We thank all of our supporters for helping us care for the furry residents at Turpentine Creek.

Click Here To Donate Now And Help Us Help Them


Cat Of The Week: Whistler

Our newest rescue Whistler, an 8-year-old serval, arrived in Colorado on January 22, 2017, during our Colorado Project. He was privately owned before being rescued by the Colorado Game and Fish Commission. This timid serval, along with two other servals, was released into the wild by his former owners who felt they could no longer care for the cats.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, two of the servals would later be found dead. Whistler was luckier, having found a helpful neighbor who was willing to feed him for a short time. Eventually, Whistler would be transported to the Game and Fish Commission’s rehabilitation facility, where he stayed for several weeks before being picked up by the TCWR team.

Arriving at the Colorado Facility where we were finalizing the largest big cat and bear rescue in U.S. history, Whistler spent two weeks at the facility until he could be safely transported back to Arkansas.

On February 8, 2017, he arrived at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and was placed in a night house neighboring servals, Giselle and Bowden. Shortly after that, Whistler was released into his new habitat, although admittedly, he is still a little too shy to venture far.

This handsome serval will, for now, be on a rotating habitat schedule with Bowden and Giselle, until the time in which we will be able to introduce the three servals.

Whistler and many of the other animals that came to us during the Colorado Project are still in need of adopters. If you would like to adopt Whistler or any of the other animals that call Turpentine Creek home please visit our website to learn more.

Click Here To Learn About Our Adoption And Sponsorship Programs


Weekly Update


5 Bears, 2 Habitats, and 1 Way You Can Help

March 28, 2017

Arkansas Gives: A Day of Giving

April 6, 2017, is Arkansas Gives Day. This is a day to show your support to your favorite Arkansas-based non-profit.

Anyone can participate in Arkansas Gives Day. It isn’t about where you live; it is where the non-profit is located.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is an Arkansas-based non-profit, and we are participating in Arkansas Gives Day again this year.

Participating Non-profits will ‘compete’ to earn Bonus Dollars and prize money for raising the most money in a single day.

The more you donate, the more Turpentine can ‘earn.’ Your donations will go further on April 6, 2017, then on a normal day.

To qualify for bonus dollars or towards prize levels, you will have to donate through the Arkansas Gives website on April 6, 2017. Donations made through our website, by phone, or through the mail will not qualify for bonus dollars but will still be accepted.

Joins us for a fun fundraising day full of fundraising updates and our amazing animal residents.

Click Here To Learn More About Arkansas Gives Day

Cat Of The Week: Spyke

In May of 2008, TCWR staff members returned from Hoosick Falls, New York, with four new cats – two tigers and two leopards – from a zoo which had temporarily lost its license.

The leopards, Zambo, a black leopard, and Santania, a spotted leopard, had been a breeding pair for years. Zambo was neutered his second day at TCWR, but Santania was already pregnant.

On August 15, 2008, Santania gave birth to two little cubs, one spotted, one black. The spotted one died soon after birth, sadly Santania rejected Spyke so we had to remove him but the team worked hard, and hand raised Spyke. He grew quickly and turned into a beautiful leopard.

Spyke is a very playful cat and loves to stalk, chase, and pounce at certain staff members. He has been a participant in the Behavioral Training Program, implemented in January of 2016, and enjoys playing with his enrichment tube.

Many of the animal residents are still in need of Sponsors and Adopters. Spyke luckily has Sponsor, but many of the other animals are still in need of your support.

Click Here To Learn More About Our Adoption and Sponsorship Programs

Building the Bear Necessities For Our Newest Residents

We are working hard to get the two new bear habitats built. It is a lot of work, but we are confident with your support we should be able to finish the habitats in the next few months.

We’ve already raised over $34,000, but we still have a long way to go to get to our goal of $150,000. These are our largest two habitats built to date, and we are excited to be able to give our bear two large spaces where they can be bears.

These habitats will have large pools, lots of trees, plenty of natural enrichment, and space to enjoy life as close to freedom as we can provide in captivity.

We need your help, we’ve already begun construction with the funds we’ve already received, we cannot finish these habitats until we’ve raised the whole amount.

Every little bit helps, please donate $5, $10, $50, or event $100 towards the goal. If everyone who received this email just donated $10, then we would be at our goal already. Please help us, help them donate now.

Click Here To Donate Towards Getting The “Bear Necessities” For Our Newest Bears

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 6, 2017, All Day. Join us for Arkansas Gives day. Everyone is invited to join us for a day of online fun and fundraising for TCWR. Click Here For More Info On Arkansas Gives Day

Saturday, April 22, 2017, starting at 6:30 pm, join us for Cats at the Castle, an evening of fun, food, drinks, fundraising, and festivities. Spend time with the TCWR team and help us, help them. SOLD OUT!

Sunday, April 23, 2017, starting at 9 am join us for our 25-year anniversary celebration! We will be having a light breakfast, commemorative t-shirts, a habitat opening, fun, games, and intern Olympics. Click Here for more information about our 25-year Anniversary and to get your tickets now

Bear Necessities Needed

Weekly E-Newsletter

Your Furry Friends Need Your Help Now

March 22, 2017

Construction Begins on 2 New Bear Habitats

Our newest bear residents are eagerly awaiting the completion of their new homes. These new habitats will be permanent housing for the five bears from Colorado and possibly other bears that call Turpentine Creek home. Currently, the new bears are living in altered big cat habitats, but this is only a temporary housing solution for our bears.

Bear habitats have different requirements than big cat habitats. We also want to make sure our bears get the chance to be as wild as possible in captivity. Giving our animals the best lives possible in captivity is why we are taking on the massive challenge to build our two largest habitats to date!

So far, we have raised just over $31,000 of the $150,000 needed to complete the two habitats. Although we have a long way to go on fundraising, we have already begun building the two habitats. We will construct the habitats gradually as the funds become available, that way the habitats are completed as soon as possible.


Cats at the Castle: Filling up FAST!

Cats at the Castle is a beautifully, elegant event that allows our supporters to spend an evening with some of the Turpentine team and your fellow animal-loving supporters.

This annual fundraiser combines the beauty of Castle Rogues Manor, amazing food, drinks, music, live and silent auctions to offer you an amazing evening to support Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Space is limited and almost sold out! If you want to join us for the 2017 Cats at the Castle event reserve your spot now while there is space left.


 Cat of the week: Sadie Bobcat

Sadie was brought to TCWR on July 10, 2001, at the age of 2-months-old. Her previous owners had found her in the woods near their home, lingering by her mother who had been shot and killed.

Having previously raised a bobcat kitten, they attempted to raise her as well. They soon discovered, however, that little Sadie was wilder than they had anticipated, and was a danger to their young child.

Today, Sadie lives in a habitat with Dillian and is known to have a mind for mischief. Exceptionally playful, Sadie is very affectionate toward certain members of staff. This beautiful girl is the queen of her habitat and loves to claim the highest perches for herself.

Sadie and many of our other animal residents are still in need of adopters. Some even still need sponsors. Our adoption and sponsorship programs help us to give the animals that call Turpentine Creek home the best lives possible in captivity. Please consider adopting or sponsoring one of the many animals that call Turpentine Creek home.

Upcoming Events At Turpentine Creek

This Saturday March 25, 2017, from 10 am until 4 pm Turpentine Creek will be hosting our animal Kite Fest. It is free to join the festivities and fly kites but to see the animals is normal entry fees.

Thursday April 6, 2017, All Day. Join us for Arkansas Gives day. Everyone is invited to join us for a day of online fun and fundraising for TCWR. Click Here For More Info On Arkansas Gives Day

Saturday April 22, 2017, starting at 6:30 pm, join us for Cats at the Castle, an evening of fun, food, fundraising, and festivities. Click Here To Get Your Tickets For Cats At The Castle Now – Limited availability

Sunday April 23, 2017, starting at 9am join us for our 25-year anniversary celebration! We will be having a light breakfast, commemorative t-shirts, a habitat opening, fun, games, and intern Olympics. Click Here for more information about our 25-year Anniversary and to get your tickets now

Boomerball Bobbin Donation

Enrichment Donation

March 14, 2017

The owners of Boomer Ball stopped by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge to visit and donate two bobbin toys to the animals at Turpentine Creek. Turpentine Creek purchases large permanent enrichment from Boomer Ball frequently. These huge toys are made specifically with tigers and other large animals in mind. The hard toys are made to stand up to sharp claws and powerful teeth for an extended period of time.

The Turpentine Creek staff decided to give one of the newly donated toys to Khaleesi, Joey, Aurora, and Lakota. They were given a bright yellow bobbin to play with. Watch the video and see how much the animals appreciate the donation!


Permanent enrichment is vital to the mental and physical health of the animals that call Turpentine Creek home. Donations of Boomer balls, bobbins, and other enrichment toys help keep our animals entertained and healthy.

If you would like to provide permanent enrichment for one of the many animals that call Turpentine Creek home you can donate through directly.

Toy recommendations: Big Animals – Jungle Ball – $140 Large Heavy Duty Bobbin – $100

Small Animals – Heavy Duty Small Ball – $48 Small Heavy Duty Bobbin – $60

Cats At The Castle

Annual Fundraising Event

March 13, 2017

Join us on Saturday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm for our annual Cats at the Castle fundraising event. This year Cats at the Castle will be held at Castle Rogues Manor just off of Highway 187 in Beaver, Arkansas. Be ready for a night of glam as we celebrate our 25th year rescuing in style with a “Hollywood” themed event. Walk down the red carpet and into an evening of elegance, but watch out for the paparazzi!

Enjoy a fun-filled evening out with the Turpentine Creek team members and other Turpentine Creek supporters. Spend the evening listening to the live band and eating great food with your fellow animal lovers. You can also participate in the evening’s silent auction as well as a live auction, proceeds from both auctions will go back to the refuge to help care for the animals that call Turpentine Creek home. Tickets are very LIMITED so get your tickets now while they last, every year we sell out. Tickets for Cats at the Castle are $100 per person.

This year we are also celebrating our 25th-anniversary rescuing animals in need. On Sunday, April 23rd starting at 9:00 am we are also hosting our 25-year celebration, at Turpentine Creek. For those individuals who wish to attend Cats at the Castle and the 25-year celebration, you can purchase a single ticket for $140 and get entry into both events.

The 25th-anniversary party will start at 9:00 am with a light breakfast. A commemorative t-shirt, breakfast, and entry into the refuge are included in your 25th-anniversary ticket price.

Purchase your tickets now while they are still available. Once sold out no more tickets will be available.


Colorado Project Complete

15 Sanctuaries – 25 Road Trips – 115 Exotic Animals Saved

February 28, 2017

Joey, Khaleesi, Lakota and Aurora’s (not pictured) enclosure at Colorado Facility

In just under five months Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a big cat rescue located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, spearheaded the rehoming of 115 animals that were involved in our Colorado Project.

This project was the largest joint effort to rehome big cats in U.S. history. The joint effort of 15 sanctuaries and Tigers In America, a non-profit that assists in the relocation of animals in need to true sanctuaries, made it possible to save 115 animals. This scale of collaboration between sanctuaries has never been done before.

The Colorado Project began on September 21, 2016, when TCWR took over a facility in Colorado. The previous owners were ill and searching for someone to take over the care of their 115 animals. TCWR stepped up and purchased the land, and the animals were donated.

Joey, Khaleesi, and Aurora at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

The final four big cats were delivered safe and sound to their new home at a sanctuary in California on February 10, 2017, just before Valentine’s Day. 73 animals were in their new homes by Thanksgiving, 25 by Christmas and 17 were home before Valentine’s day.

In total, TCWR found homes in 15 sanctuaries, including our own, for 74 tigers, five lions, two ligers, one ti-liger, six leopards, five cougars, two bobcats, one serval, two coatimundis, two caracals, nine bear, and two lemurs. Also, three rented Alligators were returned to their owner, and one wolf hybrid found a new home.

“Our team was honored to spearhead this massive relocation of the 115 animals. We couldn’t have completed the Colorado Project without the help of our partners on this project, Tigers in America, or the 14 other sanctuaries who opened their hearts to the many animals in need,” said Tanya Smith, President of TCWR.

Montana and his brother Poncho’s (Not pictured) enclosure at Colorado Facility

For the duration of the five-month-long project President, Tanya Smith, Vice-President, Scott Smith, one of the senior Animal Care Staff members, and three interns lived in Colorado caring for the animals and helping to move them to their new homes. The remaining TCWR team members stayed in Arkansas to care for the animals at the TCWR facility and keep the non-profit running. Now that the project is complete and all 115 animals have new homes the staff members have returned to Arkansas.

“Although we might have been divided by distance, we were still united in spirit and heart. Everyone continued to keep the mission in mind as they put in long hours to make sure every animal was cared for at both locations. It was a lot of work, but we have a very dedicated team. Finally, the family has been reunited, and we can return to normal, at least until the next rescue begins,” said Emily McCormack, Animal Curator at TCWR.

Montana and Poncho at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Over 40 of the 115 animals that were rehomed have health issues. TCWR took in 3 young white tiger cubs that have Metabolic Bone Disease. Upon TCWR’s arrival at the Colorado Facility, none of the cubs could walk. With extra care, a specialized diet, and constant monitoring, the three cubs now run, play, and wrestle. They will always have some issues due to the Metabolic Bone Disease but should live full lives at TCWR.

With the completion of the Colorado Project, no animals remain at the facility in Colorado and the plan is to leave it closed. Plans for the property are still being discussed, but as of now, there are no plans to return animals to the property.

Save The Date

25 Year Anniversary Celebration

February 23, 2017

Mark your calendars Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is celebrating their 25th anniversary on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Join us for a day filled with fun, food, family, and felines. Come and visit with the TCWR team, current interns, past interns, and many individuals who have made the last 25-years possible. Celebrate all of the accomplishments made over the last 25 years and see the amazing animals that have been saved through our mission and dedication.

Tickets for the 25th anniversary party cost $50 and will need to be purchased by Friday, April 14, 2017, if you wish to attend the event. The event will include entry into the refuge for the day, breakfast, a commemorative T-shirt, a habitat opening, the intern Olympic Games and more!

Deadline Past, No Tickets Left

Colorado Project Update

An Update & New Furry Family Members

January 21, 2017

Huggy, Holli and Lolli in their habitat in Colorado.

In September, Turpentine Creek took over a facility in Colorado. The previous owner had health issues and was looking for someone to take over the care of his 100+ animals. Turpentine Creek partnered with Tigers in America to take on the challenge that we dubbed “The Colorado Project.” For four months the Turpentine Creek team, Tigers in America, and many accredited sanctuaries throughout the United States have been working hard to care for and rehome all of the animals that called the Colorado facility home.

Members of the Turpentine Creek team have been very busy since September. Some staff members have temporarily relocated to Colorado to care for the animals living there, some remain in Arkansas to care for the animals that call Turpentine Creek home, and a few have spent the past four months on the road transporting animals to their new homes. It has been a challenge for our team, but we have persevered.

We have rehomed all of the big cats, only four remain at the facility, but they already have a home but still need to be transported there. Although both Tigers in America and Turpentine Creek have searched, we have not been able to find homes for five of the nine bear that called the Colorado facility home. After much debate we have decided that the best thing for the bear is to be relocated to Arkansas, joining the 27 other animals that Turpentine Creek brought from Colorado.

Koda and Xena in their habitat in Colorado.

One challenge that we face is the fact that all of our bear approved habitats are currently full. We have worked hard to prepare temporary housing for the five bear that arrived early Saturday Morning. With the help of our supporters, we hope to have started work on two new habitats that will permanently house our new bear residents. We will be welcoming four Black Bear — Holli, Lolli, Koda Girl, and Xena, as well as one Russian Brown Bear, Huggy. Holli, Lolli, and Huggy are all older and all live together; we plan to keep the trio together. Koda Girl and Xena are still very young, and we plan to keep them together as well.

With your help, we can provide all our new furry family members with amazing new homes before they wake up from their winter nap. Please donate to habitat fund to get the”The Bear Necessities” for our new bear to help us build them new homes.

Building two new habitats that are bear approved is estimated to cost approximately $150,000! We need your help to house our rambunctious sleuth of bear! Donate now and help us help them.

Click Here To Donate to the habitat fund and get our new bear “The Bear Necessities” Now (Donations UNDER $500)

Also, our Colorado Project Partners, Tigers in America, have offered to do a 50% match for all donations above $500. If you are submitting a large donation please visit their website and donate. Make sure to note that the donation is a Matching Donation for Turpentine Creek. Make your donation go further! Donate now!

Click Here To Get Matching Donation for “The Bear Necessities” through Tigers In America ($500 and Above)