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TCWR is a non-profit organization, and relies on generous donations from supporters like YOU! No amount is too small.

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Bam Bam is selling bricks to help all his friends get a new Habitat. Your purchase of a "Bam Bam Brick" will go towards our Habitat Fund.
Your custom engraved brick will be prominately displayed in Bam Bam's viewing walkway.

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Your membership not only helps support the health and well-being of the animals, but allows you to come visit them all year round.

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Short Video about TCWR

A brief documentary about the people and wildlife at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and its history of providing lifetime sanctuary to hundreds of exotic animals.
by: Charles Ragsdell, II

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Sponsorship of an animal provides them with the veterinary care, enclosure renovations, and enrichment for the animal of your choice.

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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Summer Fun for our Older Tigers

Ivy Cooper-Staff Biologist

Short Walled Pools-0100TCWR is home to 74 tigers, most of which love the water, and we provide stock tanks as pools for them to play in. We have many geriatric animals and as they get older we have to modify the care that we provide. They get extra medical attention by receiving supplements to ease any joint discomfort they may be feeling; we build lower platforms on their existing benches for easier access; and, with the addition of Rescue Ridge, we now have more flat habitats.

The stock tanks that we commonly use are 2 feet tall and with some of our older cats, stepping in to these tanks has become challenging. It took many phone calls, but finally I spoke with Sarah from the Farmers Co-op in Van Buren, Arkansas, and she said, "Yes, I will get something figured out for your tigers." About an hour later she called me and we were able to order the pools that we needed for our older tigers. Sarah and Josh drove about 2 hours each way to deliver the pools so that our cats in their late teens, and a couple that are in their 20's, can have a pool to play in too.

The 5 tigers that we gave the short walled pools to absolutely love them. The pools are only 1 foot tall, which makes getting in and out of them much easier. Pib, a male tiger rescued from RTS, immediately stepped into the pool and began to play with the bowling pin that was floating by him. Tigers can't say thank you in human words but his chuff and eyes said it all - he couldn't have been happier and more thankful.

Mission Statement

To provide lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected "Big Cats" with emphasis on Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cougars.

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Habitat Funding

We must keep building habitats for the animals that wait in the compound. The animals in the compound need your funding.

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